Introverts: It’s time to stop people pleasing !

stop people pleasing

Most introverts have a great deal of empathy for others. The tricky part is knowing when your kindness has shifted into ‘too nice’ territory and you’ve become a people pleaser, overly-concerned with what other people think and motivated by fear. Alex Rudnicka’s entrepreneurial journey began when she made the conscious decision to stop waiting for permission and start cultivating the confidence to live on her own terms.

Alex created CEO Female Entrepreneur to help service-based entrepreneurs learn how to connect with their ‘inner badass’ and run a business that affords them the freedom to live the life they want. She mentors women all over the world, empowering them to follow their desires regardless of the circumstances. An experienced coach with a knack for transformational conversation, Alex knows the path to success because she walked it herself, building her company from nothing and overcoming a number of challenges along the way.

Today, Alex shares her experience sharing a room in a hostel after immigrating to England at the age of 21. She describes the AHA moment when she made the conscious decision to stop living in fear and follow her intuition, discussing how her work with ex-offenders inspired her career in coaching. Alex also offers insight around the value in leveraging careful observation and analysis to make informed decisions. Listen in to understand Alex’s challenges around online visibility and learn about her approach to selling from a place of genuine curiosity and care!

In this episode you’ll learn how to stop people pleasing as well as…

  • Alex’s experience living in a hostel after immigrating to England at 21.
  • How Alex transitioned from restaurant management to a 9-to-5.
  • When Alex made the conscious decision to stop living in fear.
  • How Alex’s work with ex-offenders prepared her for coaching.
  • How Alex’s one-on-one coaching model works around her life.
  • The value in using observation + analysis to make informed decisions.
  • How Alex overcame her struggle with online visibility.
  • Alex’s approach to selling with genuine curiosity and care.
  • How prioritizing sleep improves Alex’s productivity and positivity.
  • How Alex uses WorkFlowy to break down complex projects.
  • How The Obstacle is the Way helps readers develop resilience.
  • Alex’s insight on marketing with integrity by way of genuine service.

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