Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce is changing the current marketing paradigm. 12 years of running a successful LinkedIn Consulting business inspired a yearning in Sarah to create a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to business & marketing. As a ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’, Sarah hosts the Gentle Business Revolution podcast and works with heart-centered entrepreneurs to question their assumptions when it comes to marketing & give them permission to market their business their way, the gentle way! Thought of as an influencer in her field, Sarah is a frequent speaker at conferences and has been featured on many podcasts and radio shows. Some of the most prestigious universities and Business Schools in the world, including Rutgers University New Jersey, HEC Paris, IMD and EPFL Lausanne hire Sarah to train their students for LinkedIn best practices. Sarah shares a fresh perspective and doesn't shy away from calling things out that no longer work for many of us when it comes to the current marketing model. Her clients sometimes refer to her as ‘the female Seth Godin’. When she’s not working, she loves adventure & traveling, yoga & nature walks or hanging out with her family.

The Components of a Business Ecosystem

Cecilia is an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and founder of Mass Collaboration. Her work is centered on collaboration, equity, and community culture. As a certified Cultural Competency and Unconscious Bias facilitator, she moves conversations beyond diversity and inclusion to connecting, engaging, and belonging. Her entrepreneurship path led to winning start-up competitions, a former lead organizer of …

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Public Speaking for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Victoria Lioznyansky teaches introverted entrepreneurs and business professionals how to overcome their fear of public speaking and become confident, compelling, captivating speakers. After moving to the US two decades ago with limited English, Victoria overcame her crippling fear of public speaking to build several businesses, teach in a variety of industries, and speak in front …

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Making an Impact as a Solopreneur or Small Business

Ursula Jorch works at the intersection of capitalism, consciousness, and social and environmental impact. As a business coach and consultant, Ursula’s focus with her clients is on how to make smart and strategic decisions, while tending to individual and group dynamics. She provides tools as well as practical, actionable guidance to achieve your business’ impact …

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Building a Community as a Facilitator Not a Guru

Way before I coined the term ‘The Gentle Marketing Revolution’ Eli Trier was talking about quiet revolutions and I quote ‘starting a marketing revolution with integrity’. Eli believes that fostering authentic, human connections with like-minded people is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way for you to market (and run) your business. In 2013, she …

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Empowering Yourself With Personality Assessments

I love learning more about myself and my personality type so on today’s episode I brought on an expert to talk about empowering yourself with personality assessments. Leslie McDaniels is a personal and professional development coach and personality type consultant. She coaches creative and ambitious people to tap the potential of their personality type for …

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You Can’t Reverse Engineer Into Purpose Branding!

On today’s solo episode, I’m talking about why you can’t reverse engineer into purpose branding! Brands that struggle with marketing often do so because they were created without a purpose in mind. It’s impossible to just start a company and then suddenly pretend you care about certain issues. If you want your marketing to flow …

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