Serve, Don’t Sell on LinkedIn

Serve, don’t sell on LinkedIn: engage with your contacts, show them, educate them, help them, answer their questions so that they see the human side in you

Hi there, Sarah Santacroce with tip number ten of the ten tip video series on How to Humanize Your LinkedIn Presence. Tip number ten is really important, it’s about serving instead of selling. I know that in my title it says Social Selling, but what I really understand from this whole process is that it’s all about serving your ideal client and your contacts on LinkedIn, so that’s what I teach my clients. It’s always about serving before selling. What you’re really doing, how you’re really engaging with your contacts or clients, is by showing them, educating them, helping them, so that they see the your human side. And, when t they’re ready, they’re going to come to you. So, you’re not doing much of the selling, you’re doing 90% serving and when they’re ready you get them on a call and that’s when you sell.

Serve, Don’t Sell on LinkedIn

Never sell, always serve. That’s tip number ten of this video series that I hope you enjoyed. I enjoyed recording it.


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