Tired of pushy & hype marketing ?
Me too.
Hi, I'm Sarah

Let's bring the Human(e)
Connection back to Marketing.

Find out how entrepreneurs like YOU are getting clients - WITHOUT the hype, but with empathy & kindness. I call it HUMANE Marketing !



I’ve known Sarah Santacroce for more than 7 years. In that time, I’ve witnessed her evolution to become an expert on how small business owners can effectively market their business, without the hype. She dives deep and only teaches what she knows works the best for her audience. Sarah is clear, concise and pragmatic in her style. There’s no fluff, no hype and only the best information which she’s always up-to-date on.

Sarah Santacroce is my go-to expert for all things LinkedIn. Her LinkedIn presence doesn’t just share generously all the things you need to know about LinkedIn and social selling; she also models perfectly how to connect, interact and stand out as a thought leader. Since we met in 2012 I’ve been her client, she’s been mine – and we’ve become friends. I trust her insights and refer her to my clients enthusiastically.

I’ve known Sarah as the ‘LinkedIn Lady’ for a long time so it was natural for me to turn to her when I decided to increase my presence on LinkedIn and make it one of my priorities for lead generation. I knew that working with Sarah one-on-one would be a good decision. Her VIP service was exactly what I was looking for and totally met my expectations. I will wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to my clients and anyone who’s looking to get more clients from LinkedIn.