About Sarah Santacroce

What Sarah stands for:

>> Bringing more empathy & kindness to the business world 

>> Getting you clients on LinkedIn (my previous business)

>> Humane and gentle Marketing

>> Swiss efficiency, with a good dose of Californian ‘yes we can’ attitude!

Are you...

A Heart-Centered Coach, Consultant, Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

Do you want...

... to make a difference with your work?

... to market your business but without sleazy & aggressive sales techniques ?

... to promote your business online & get more clients on LinkedIn?

Meet Sarah

On the professional side

Hi, I’m Sarah Santacroce. I'm the Founder of the Humane Business Revolution and an internationally recognized LinkedIn Consultant, entrepreneur, podcaster, ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’ and author of ‘Marketing Like We’re Human‘ and ‘Selling Like We’re Human‘ books.

I have over a decade of experience in the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, coaching, online business creation, and strategy as well as a deep knowledge about many other aspects of Online Marketing (Listbuilding, Content Marketing, Online Sales, other Social Media Platforms, Virtual Events etc) which is appreciated by my clients who are lost when it comes to deciding what to focus on in this online jungle.

I have been facilitating, training, and holding space with in-person and online groups (1 – 100 people from all over the world) since 2010 and I'm trained in the ‘Art of Holding Space‘ as well as ‘The Art of Participatory Leadership‘. 

Sarah Santacroce, founder of The Gentle Business Revolution

My clients like to work with me because I’m structured, focused, result oriented, ‘the real thing’.
They use the word ‘authentic’ even if all I’m doing is being myself

I’m known for my simple, no-nonsense Swiss efficiency, mixed with a good dose of Californian ‘yes we can’ attitude! (we lived in California from 2006 - 2010)

There are a few things I’m good at:

  • LinkedIn (I have been specialized on this platform since 2012)
  • My ability to focus on the essentials & come up with the strategy for you to achieve your goals
  • My experience (based on many failures) of getting clients online & what it takes to grow your business
  • My skill to quickly put myself into your client’s shoes & create an offer that he/she can’t resist
  • My empathy, passion & encouragement to use your uniqueness to grow your business
  • Languages: I'm tri-lingual and work with clients in English, French and German (I also speak a pretty decent Italian and Spanish but don't work in those languages)

I'm also the Founder of The Humane Business Revolution. 

12 years of running an Online LinkedIn Consulting business inspired a yearning to create a global movement that encourages people to bring more empathy and kindness to business & marketing. I called it The Humane Business Revolution

Sarah Santacroce, Founder of The Gentle Business Revolution

On the personal side

I’m a Hippie turned Business Coach

I grew up in a peace & love environment called the Colombina, a community living experience co-owned by my parents and their friends. It was normal to me, but abnormal to everyone else.

I was taught early on that I was very privileged to be born in a society that has everything and that this privilege came with a responsibility: take care of our world and take care of those who are not as privileged as me.

As early as kindergarten, I was a quiet leader. It started with our neighborhood kids club, continued throughout the school years where I took over the leading role for projects (collecting signatures in order to save the big tree in the school yard comes to mind) and then became one of my main roles as an entrepreneur.

I live life on my own terms

Very early on it was clear to me that I was going to live life on my own terms. I moved out at 18. Not just next door, no, I moved to Paris. And never moved back home but instead, upon return, established myself in another city, speaking another language (I grew up in the German part of Switzerland (Bern) and moved to the French part of Switzerland (Lausanne) where I still live now.

University didn’t appeal to me, it felt too conformist and confining.

So, I don’t have a fancy degree, but I have a PhD in Life & Community Values. I am street smart & my advanced listening skills, empathy and innovative thinking are worth just as much if not more than any college degree.

I’m married to my soul mate, an Italo-Canadian whom I met while traveling in Spain 20 years ago. We have two boys together, aged 13 and 16. At home we speak English, with my parents I speak Swiss-German, and at the grocery store we speak French. And when I'm at my Happy Place in Sicily I become Italian Sarah and speak Italian.

I’m a very open-minded, alternative-thinking citizen of this world. I live in Switzerland where I was born and raised, but I think way beyond borders. Traveling and discovering other cultures is one of my passions.

I do business on my own terms too

As an entrepreneur, I made the decision a few years ago, to specialize in helping my clients position themselves to get clients on LinkedIn, without aggressive sales techniques.
But that’s not all I do…

My big mission is to bring more empathy and kindness into the business world. I do that via my work with clients, or through my Marketing Like We're Human program & the Marketing Like We're Human and Selling Like We're Human books.

In summary, I help my clients be gentle, authentic AND successful in their marketing and business. 
And yes, I consider myself successful. I can say that in all humility, because I don’t measure success by the number of LinkedIn connections, views or the number of zeros in my revenue. I measure it in impact and the difference I make with my work.

Money simply fuels my freedom, as that’s what matters most to me.
I’m a non-conformist and I think you see why …

I do my best work with people who want to make a difference.

I am more sensitive than others and lead life & business in my own quiet & gentle way.
In the recent years I've discovered my soft side and enjoy discussions about meditation, abundance, Astrology & Human Design. So if that's too 'woo woo' for you we might not be a good match. 

Thank you for reading this, I look forward to getting to know you better 🙂

If you have any kind of question about me or my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me.