How to find clients as an introvert

How to find clients as an introvert

Rob Goyette contends that his greatest strength as an introverted entrepreneur is simply acknowledging the fact that he is one. While some of us work to hide the fact that we are introverts, Rob finds that being vulnerable enough to ‘come out’ as an introvert lends to his authenticity and actually helps him land more clients!

Rob is a marketing and technology expert who supports coaches and small business owners in attracting and enrolling clients. He has served the coaching community since 2007, first working behind-the-scenes on Christian Mickelsen’s team and then launching his own business in 2014. Today, Rob runs a six-figure business helping clients market their services by reaching the right audience with the right offers at the right time.

On this episode of Introvert Biz Growth, Rob explains how his introversion led to the creation of his online business and shares the details of his top three income streams: info products, laser coaching and VIP weekends. He discusses the discomfort he feels in small group peer-to-peer settings, offering insight into the technique he uses to channel nervous energy. Rob also speaks to his decision to focus on doing his best work rather than allowing comparison to push him outside his comfort zone. Listen in to understand how Rob fosters confidence on video and learn how ‘coming out’ as an introvert can generate sales!

In this episode you’ll learn how to find clients as an introvert as well as…

  • How Rob’s introversion led him to build an internet marketing business.
  • Rob’s innovative 15-minute laser coaching model.
  • How Rob generates revenue through info products and VIP weekends.
  • Why Rob is most uncomfortable in intimate, peer-to-peer settings.
  • The three-finger technique Rob uses to channel nervous energy.
  • The benefit of ‘coming out’ as an introverted entrepreneur.
  • Why Rob decided against live events and product launches.
  • Rob’s insight around comparison as ‘the theft of joy.’
  • How Rob fosters confidence on video by treating it like an in-person meeting.
  • Why video is crucial in building trust and rapport with potential clients.
  • The daily rituals that give Rob a chance to be alone and recharge.
  • How Rob gets an energy boost from The Adam Carolla Show.
  • How Rob gained the confidence to sell his services for a premium.

Rob’s favorite quote

Succeeding as an introvert is as simple as realizing that you get most of your energy from being alone rather than being around others. Once you understand this, you can structure your life and business to get enough personal time to excel.”

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