My Review of the Active Campaign Email Marketing tool

Owning a small business is a beautiful challenge, constantly keeping you on your toes. You have to strengthen your brand, reach your ideal audience and keep up with the ever-changing needs of the customers while keeping your product on top.

There are a lot of tasks to juggle with, and email marketing is a big part of what you need to do to grow your business.  Active Campaign is a great tool, and in this post I will explain what exactly it can do for you.

My Review of the Active Campaign Email Marketing tool

What Is Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is an email marketing platform that helps you automatize a big part of your campaigns and strategies. It can help your business engage with your subscribers and gather insights on their behaviors.

The software’s campaign management tools allow you to save time and be efficient by targeting specific audience segments and delivering custom messages to them. Simply put: this is a tool that helps you build your list, but also gather insights and monitor its progress.


  • Beautiful Email Marketing and newsletters: easy drag & drop interface for your newsletters and other autoresponder emails
    Review of Active Campaign Email Marketing tool
  • Marketing Automation: visual sequence of your email marketing automation, drag & drop
    Review of Active Campaign Email Marketing tool
  • Segmentation and Custom Communication: Active Campaign lets your segment your list for an extremely granular focus. You then have the possibility to create separate audience segments and deliver a personalized message to each group.
    Review of Active Campaign Email Marketing tool
  • Monitor the Impact of your Campaigns: Through Event Tracking, you can see the actions your target audience takes after they have been exposed to your campaign. That allows you to tweak your campaign in real-time.
    Review of Active Campaign Email Marketing tool
  • Simple and Intuitive Interface: The software is incredibly easy to use, which makes it a great fit for beginners. You also have plenty of resources available if any issue arises and their customer reps are prompt to help you manage your business efficiently.

My favorite feature

Just recently ActiveCampaign introduced a Chrome extension which lets you view ActiveCampaign contact info directly in your Gmail inbox. This way you’ll know when your emails were openes, can manage contact details and get info on which lists, automations and campaigns your contact is in. I absolutely love this new feature ! Grab this extension here.

My Review of the Active Campaign Email Marketing tool

Overall Impression

Active Campaign is  my Email Marketing tool of choice. It can be an excellent learning tool for beginners, as well as a valuable asset for experienced users.

The pricing is very reasonable for the multitude of features, and the quality of the customer service is very good. You can choose the right pricing plan for you, according to your needs. All these combined make it my favorite email marketing. Click here to try it for free!

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