Visibility for Introverted Entrepreneurs – with Jeffrey Shaw

Visibility for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Many introverts struggle with feeling invisible. But if we’re hiding in the back of the line, we really can’t complain when we don’t get picked for the team. And if we want to be in service to the world, we’ve got to be seen. So, how do we gradually expand our comfort zone and learn to put ourselves at the front of the line when it counts?

Jeffrey Shaw is a nationally acclaimed keynote speaker and business coach for entrepreneurs. He hosts the popular Creative Warriors podcast, and his book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible, shows businesses how to attract an ideal audience by speaking to their values and priorities. For 30-plus years, Jeffrey was one of the country’s top portrait photographers, and today, he uses his keen eye to teach innovative marketing and branding strategies.

On this final episode of the Introvert Biz Growth podcast, Jeffrey explains how his introversion lends to his success as a professional speaker. He shares his practice of continually expanding his comfort zone and discusses how he learned to show up as his authentic self—even when he’s nervous. Jeffrey also describes his strengths in terms of observation and empathy and his ongoing struggle around taking it personally when he’s not recognized. Listen in to understand why businesses that uphold a standard of integrity will have success moving forward and learn to stand up for yourself when it matters most!

In this episode you’ll learn about visibility for introverted entrepreneurs as well as…

  • How Jeffrey’s introversion lends to his success as a speaker.
  • Jeffrey’s practice of continually expanding his comfort zone.
  • How Jeffrey learned to show up as himself when he’s nervous.
  • The research on why introverts are better at customer service.
  • Jeffrey’s strengths in the art of observation and empathy.
  • The value in understanding how the world sees you.
  • How Jeffrey still takes it personally when he’s not recognized.
  • Jeffrey’s insight on putting yourself at the front of the line.
  • Why businesses must understand customer values + priorities.
  • The introversion clause in Jeffrey’s contract for speaking.
  • Jeffrey’s gratitude for being in a healthy, loving relationship.

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