Using intuition in your heart-centered business

Is there a place for intuition when it comes to decision-making for business? Or should we rely solely on the spreadsheets? Val Nelson contends that the best way forward is to merge the two, tapping into our hearts for guidance, then confirming our instincts with focus groups and cold, hard data. This balance creates a sense of flow and an ease in determining next steps that can be of great benefit to us as introverted entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s how Val came to create her business.

Val is known as The Black Swan Coach, a mentor for fellow introverted solopreneurs. She specializes in helping heart-centered women create the sustainable, fulfilling and relaxing lives they really want through business and life coaching and courses that teach her clients to bring their unique gifts to the world. Val is also a sought-after speaker and facilitator, having presented at Harvard Business School, the Women’s Business Conference, and UMass School of Business, among many others.

Today, Val explains why we make the biggest impact when we show up as our unique selves. She shares Black Swan’s three main revenue streams, including her newly minted course around using intuition in business decision-making. Val offers insight around her ability to see the genius in others as well as the challenges she faces by getting tangled in overthinking. She also speaks to the turning point when she identified her niche as a business and life coach for introverts, despite skepticism from friends and colleagues. Listen in for Val’s advice on leveraging co-writing groups for motivation, taking care of our energy with guided meditation, and engaging logic AND intuition to uncover our true purpose.

In this episode you’ll learn about using intuition in your heart-centered business as well as…

  • Black Swan’s audience of introverted women solopreneurs with big hearts.
  • Why the biggest impact is made when you show up as your ‘unique freaky self’.
  • How the entrepreneur’s business and personal life are intertwined.
  • How Val generates revenue via one-on-one coaching and the SOULpreneurs mastermind.
  • Val’s forthcoming online course around activating intuition for business decisions.
  • Val’s gifts for seeing the genius in other people and reading the market.
  • How overthinking and perfectionism hold Val back.
  • The turning point when Val identified her niche as a coach for introverts.
  • How Susan Cain’s book generated a spike in traffic to Val’s blog.
  • Val’s unique approach to co-working both in-person and virtually.
  • How Val uses Insight Timer to take care of her energy and boost productivity.
  • Why Val views The Alchemist as an essential business book.
  • Val’s gratitude for the opportunity to build trust with her clients.

Val’s favorite quote

“When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Get quiet so you can hear the still small voice– your inner GPS guiding you to true North.
”  ~Oprah

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