Using Intuition in your business

Using Intuition in your business

Many introverts also happen to be highly intuitive. And if you are an INFJ specifically, intuition is among your top attributes. So, how do you take advantage of this ability to feel the truth in a situation? How do you learn to listen to your gut in the decision-making process? How do you best use the superpower of intuitive insight in your business—and your life?

Leslie McDaniel is a certified professional coach who works with INFJ women to make their vision a reality. Leslie leverages her knowledge as an MBTI-certified practitioner to help clients understand their personality and identify what might be holding them back. Prior to founding Leslie McDaniel Coaching, she worked in communications for a number of nonprofit organizations and did freelance photography, video and graphic design.

Today, Leslie explains how a feeling around her greater potential led her to pursue entrepreneurship, a path with the potential to create unlimited impact. She shares the intuitive insight that revealed her calling to coach INFJ women and describes how she leverages intuition as a superpower in her business. Leslie also offers insight on balancing privacy with openness, setting time boundaries, and marketing yourself in an authentic way. Listen in to understand the potential relationship between being highly sensitive and INFJ and learn how Leslie empowers introverts to recognize and appreciate their intuitive superpowers!

In this episode you’ll learn about using intuition in your business as well as…

  • How a feeling of greater potential led Leslie to entrepreneurship.
  • The entrepreneur’s potential to create unlimited impact.
  • How intuitive insight revealed Leslie’s calling to coach INFJ women.
  • How Leslie uses intuition as a superpower in her business.
  • What Leslie does to prepare to receive intuitive insights.
  • How Leslie balances a need for privacy with the desire to be open.
  • Leslie’s insight around the use of vulnerability as a sales tool.
  • How setting time boundaries contributes to Leslie’s success.
  • How Leslie seeks to empower others to make sustainable changes.
  • How Leslie connects with her audience through Typeform
  • How Firefly Magic can help introverts learn to market themselves.
  • The potential relationship between being highly sensitive and INFJ.
  • Leslie’s gratitude for a renewed connection to her physical body.

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