Traffic Growth Strategy #9: Get Traffic With LinkedIn

Get Traffic with LinkedIn

As a LinkedIn Specialist I can’t talk about website traffic without talking about LinkedIn! LinkedIn is the 2nd biggest traffic source for my website, after organic SEO. This traffic comes either directly from my LinkedIn profile, through group discussions or blog articles I post on LinkedIn. Read this article to find out how you can increase traffic to your site with LinkedIn.

But before you start going crazy sharing and publishing… when is the last time you’ve had a good look at your LinkedIn Profile? And were you real proud of it? You see, on LinkedIn, all the roads lead to… your LinkedIn Profile. It’s probably THE most important part of your LinkedIn activity, it’s THE thing you need to get right if you want to get clients on LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix is a delightfully short, but insanely effective DIY Video training that turns your LinkedIn Profile from a ‘blah’, bullet point resume into a personality packed mini website that works like a magic client attraction magnet.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you have followed my easy to follow roadmap & turned their LinkedIn profiles into client attraction magnets.

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Now, there are tons more ways that you can generate traffic to your site, but these are the 9 that I use most in my business.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short e-course and that you will start implementing some of the strategies in order to grow your website traffic, and therefore your business.

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