Traffic Growth Strategy #8: Get Traffic With Paid Ads

Get Traffic With Paid Ads

This is the one strategy I’m outsourcing 100%. I don’t like numbers, stats, measuring or tracking things. But I do realize the huge potential of paid ads to increase your website traffic. As you probably know, there are several platforms where you can run paid advertising. For example:

If you have more of an analytical & statistical mind than me, than there’s many courses out there where you can learn how to run your own advertising campaigns. For Facebook I recommend this one.

But if numbers are not your thing either, then I highly recommend you outsource this task to someone who runs paid ad campaigns for a living! It really is quite an art to get optimal results. This contractor list with 100+ Service Contractors can help you find the right person, whether it’s a Virtual Assistant, Digital Business Manager, Copywriter, Website or Graphic Designer or Facebook Advertising. I refer to it all the time!

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