Traffic Growth Strategy #7: Get Traffic With Webinars

Get Traffic With Webinars

Webinars are beneficial in many ways: not only do they drive massive amounts of traffic to your site but they are also an incredible list-building opportunity, a chance to show off your expertise, a powerful selling platform and a fantastic offer for JV partners!

I started building my list and authority with regular webinars early on and have just recently rediscovered that I really enjoy this form of connecting with my audience. I’ve gone through several webinar tools but the one I like right now is Webinar Jam.

I’ve had a Webinar Jam legacy account since they first launched in 2015. That’s when Google Hangouts were still a thing 😉 From the first day I disliked their sales page and aggressive manner and also found the platform non-intuitive. And then of course Google Hangouts, the tool they were based on went down the drain so I never used it again.

But they’re back. Still with sleazy sales pages but they have learned a thing or two about creating a great webinar platform.

With this brand new version of WebinarJam, you can do EVERYTHING with one simple tool:

  • Facebook Live (with the possibility to stream with a guest)
  • YouTube
  • Webinars (using their new JamCast technology, NOT Google Hangouts!)
  • Screen sharing (like Zoom)
  • Recorded webinars

So despite despite the fact I still don’t like their sales page, I upgraded to the brand new version last week after testing it with a friend who already had the new one.

It’s really great and I think this has become the ‘must have’ video tool if you’re doing webinars, Facebook lives or other live streaming.

Give it a look and see what you think:

If you need help planning your first webinar but don’t know where to start, I have a resource for that too.

Go HERE to check out my Webinar Bundle

Another great way to give your traffic a big boost AND grow your email list is to host a Virtual Summit. My signature event, the LinkedIn Challenge is very similar to a Virtual Summit because by definition a summit is an event during which you borrow the expertise of the superstars in your market to grow your own tribe of raving fans and loyal customers. By making it into a yearly event, this really has become my flagship summit.

Want to create your own Virtual Summit? Check this out!

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