Traffic Growth Strategy #5: Get Traffic with Audio and Video

Get Traffic with Audio and Video

The 5th technique I use to drive traffic to my site is audio or video. I started out with creating lots of video content which I published on my Youtube channel and also shared in my blog posts and other Social Media channels.

Now I’m the host of the Introvert Biz Growth Podcast, a conversation with introverts who have grown their online business using their introverted super powers. Have you listened to it yet? Make sure to subscribe on itunes.

A podcast not only drives traffic to your site (lots of it coming from itunes) but it also positions you as an authority with a message to share. I host mine on Libsyn which is THE best option for podcast hosting.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, please check out my Podcasting Bundle in which I put together all the resources, templates & tools I use. I so wish I had those when started out. Would have saved me hours!

You might not be ready yet to host your own podcast and that’s ok. But you can still benefit from podcast traffic! How? By being a guest on other people’s podcast! I have my VA do all the research and draft me the pitch and then I just need to personalize and send the invitation requests. Again, besides the huge traffic spikes this strategy also immediately positions you as a professional with authority. Read this great post on how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest like a pro

Here are some other ideas for audio and video content:

  • Soundcloud to host audio files
  • Clammr to share the best audio in 24 seconds or less
  • Facebook Live Streaming (if you want to broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer rather than your phone, check out my friend Ian Anderson Gray’s Facebook Live Video Course )

Don’t miss my 6th strategy tomorrow.