Traffic Growth Strategy #4: Get Traffic with Email Marketing

Get Traffic with Email Marketing

The 4th technique I use to drive traffic to my site is Email Marketing. In this message I’m sharing first some benefits of Email Marketing & then my favorite tools, including the ones I use in my business.

On to the benefits of Email Marketing:

It shows your expertise

If choosing the content of your newsletter or other e-mail content wisely, you can demonstrate your expertise in your area of activity. So don’t just try to sell your product, act as an expert, give advice and consult your readers.

It increases traffic to your website

The point is not to just sell in your e-mail, but every once in a while it’s ok to slip in a special offer, coupon or just feature one of your bestselling products or services. And by default the footer of your mail will contain a link to your website, so chances are that your traffic will increase.

It offers continuity

Compared to other marketing channels, a newsletter or other e-mail content offers continuity. Your subscribers know that they will hear from you every week, month or quarter. They will start to look forward to your e-mails.

It creates trust

Receiving regular newsletters or other mailings creates a feeling of trust in your customers. They feel like they know you a little bit more each time and when the moment comes, where they need the services or products that you have to offer, they will think of you first.

It increases referrals

Every newsletter should have a “Share with a friend” button at the bottom. This way the subscriber can forward your e-mail to someone else who he thinks might be interested in your news.

It builds your list

You’ve probably heard it before: The money is in the list. Well, it’s true!

It increases sales

Let’s be honest here: In the end our main goal is still to increase our sales. And this will happen if you apply all the above suggestions 🙂

These are the tools I use in my business:

Email Marketing Tool

ActiveCampaign is my e-mail marketing tool of choice. I switched to it at the end of 2015 when I needed to create more complex sales funnels. I love how it integrates with all my other tools !

Landing page builder

Thrive Themes And Content Builder is a simple landing page builder that fits even smaller budgets. I use it for all my landing pages.

Lead Generation Tool

In order to grow your e-mail list, you need people to sign up. Thrive Leads is an awesome plugin that helps you create opt-in forms for your website.

Graphics and ebook cover to create my free optin offer

I’ll either hire someone on or do it myself on Or work with a professional designer from this list.

These are other tools I recommend:

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Sarah Santacroce