Traffic Growth Strategy #1: Get Traffic with Your Blog

Traffic Growth Strategy #1

1. Regular blog posts (1 per week)

In blog posts you can share your expertise about your industry and create trust towards your company. Blog posts are very well indexed on Google and if the blog is hosted on your website, they create big traffic to your site via organic SEO. If, on the other hand you are using a hosted blog version (such as you are sending people to the wrong party

Blog posts are also the content you need to have something to say on Social Media. Need help coming up with blog post topics? Check out Hubspot’s free Blog Topic Generator. And once you have your topics, make sure to use the Blog Post Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule (it’s free).

I recommend planning your content out in advance. I use CoSchedule on my WordPress website.

2. Use Feedly to aggregate content & find interesting blogs to comment on

Set up an account with Feedly and start subscribing to interesting blogs in your niche. Then make it a habit to leave relevant comments on these blogs to increase traffic to your site. Read this post about other benefits of commenting on other blogs.

3. Write articles as a guest writer on other blogs

Ask colleagues and friends if you can publish a post on their blog. Don’t forget to add a short bio, contact details and an anchor link to one of your keywords with a link to your website.

The great thing about blog content is that it will generate you traffic for years to come. Some of my old blog posts still get me traffic today, 6 years after their publication date.

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