The Importance of Community for Online Entrepreneurs

The Importance of Community for Online Entrepreneurs

Many of us introverts are used to doing things on our own. And those of us who become entrepreneurs often think we have to run every aspect of the business by ourselves—and be good at it all! But what if we had a supportive community to lean on? A group of likeminded people with similar values who know what we’re going through?

Janice Chaka is the founder of The Career Introvert, a coaching platform designed to help introverted women excel in business, and the host of The Traveling Introvert, a podcast exploring the ins and outs of traveling and running a business as an introvert and the importance of community for online entrepreneurs. Janice also serves as the organizer of the Get Your Podcast Started Summit, an event created to help entrepreneurs create and run a podcast that generates leads and grows their brand.

Today, Janice discusses the benefit of being able to craft how and when you work as an introverted entrepreneur. She explains how she leverages speaking engagements to make networking easier and shares her superpowers for project management. Janice also speaks to her ongoing challenge with setting boundaries for clients, describing her newly adopted habit of blocking time to work ON her business versus IN it. Listen in to understand how Janice thinks about marketing with integrity and learn how her life has changed since she built a community of likeminded entrepreneurs!

In this episode you’ll learn about the Importance of Community for Online Entrepreneurs as well as…

  • The benefit of crafting how and when you work as an entrepreneur.
  • What inspired Janice to design the Get Your Podcast Started Summit.
  • Janice’s work providing career and business coaching for introverts.
  • How Janice leverages speaking to make networking more comfortable.
  • Janice’s superpower around developing project management systems.
  • Janice’s challenge with setting boundaries for clients and colleagues.
  • The AHA moment when Janice realized the power of community.
  • How Janice uses Reddit to research common questions + pain points.
  • Janice’s new habit of blocking time to work ON her business vs. IN it.
  • Why Janice only promotes services she’s used and people she knows.
  • Janice’s insight around the curated marketing images on social media.

Janice’s favorite quote

Don’t let introversion define you, let it guide you.”

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