Marketing gets a remake!

A book to change the current hype marketing paradigm and reconnect with integrity & kindness!


Marketing has become a dirty word, a source of mistrust and a nightmare for many entrepreneurs.

But what if marketing didn’t have to be pushy, soul stealing, and focused on hustle and hype? What if there was a way you could connect with clients authentically and in alignment with your values and still make money? What if purpose and profit could coexist in the business world? From LinkedIn consultant and marketing coach Sarah Santacroce comes a groundbreaking approach to marketing with integrity, empathy, and kindness—Marketing Like We’re Human.

A blend of practical, real-world marketing applications and personal development, Marketing Like We’re Human is the definitive guide to marketing to today’s conscious customer in a new business world. Structured around three phases of transformation that revolutionize the traditional Ps of marketing, along with thought-provoking questions to guide the way, Santacroce lays out the necessary steps to replace the old way of marketing with a way that is aligned with your values, your story, and your own unique approach—with profound results.

You are in business to share your gifts with the world. Marketing Like We’re Human is the compass you need on your journey!

This is SO needed right now and Sarah hit it out of the park. Well done!
This is SO needed right now and Sarah hit it out of the park. Well done!

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Free Bonus Material for the Marketing Like We're Human Book

A free workbook with all the exercises from the book - for Gentle Marketers

A free workbook with all the exercises from the book - for Marketing Impact Pioneers

The Gentle Marketing Mandala, the new version of the 7 Ps of Marketing

The One-Page Marketing Plan to help you reflect upon the 7 Ps of Marketing

The Gentle Marketing Empathy Map to think about your ideal client and what they say, think, do and feel.

The Creativity (or Bubble) Mandala to help you turn on your right brain while thinking about your marketing.

A beautiful Mandala Coloring Book, designed by my son Simon Santacroce.

The Gentle Marketing Creed. This is what we stand for as Gentle Marketers.

A fun badge to print out, add to your website or even create your own mug with 🙂

Last but not least... a place to share how many sheep you counted - and any other feedback on the book 🙂

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A show where we discuss how to market your business with integrity & kindness. The conversations are organized around the 7 Ps of Gentle Marketing.

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