Standing Out as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Standing Out as an Introverted Entrepreneur

You simply cannot read the label of the jar you’re in! That’s why it’s important to leverage an outside voice to help you gain clarity and focus. Steve Woodruff serves as that voice for the introverted entrepreneur, helping you define your sweet spot and craft a message that allows you to stand out in a noisy world.

Steve is the founder and president of Clarity Fuel, a consulting firm dedicated to helping solopreneurs, startups, small businesses and large corporations define their offerings, target their ideal clients and articulate their differentiating message. Steve is also the author of Clarity Wins: Get Head, Get Referred, and coauthor of the Amazon bestseller UNSTUCK: 10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Growth.

Today, Steve shares his decision to build a business that reflects who he is and capitalizes on his strengths. He speaks to the themes in his new book, Clarity Wins, explaining how to define and embrace your ‘pigeon hole.’ Steve opens up about his high level of inwardness, discussing how it serves him in his business—yet also contributed to an extended battle with depression. Listen in for insight around employing an outside voice to help you define your sweet spot and get clear on your message, turning your clients into a referral sales force!

In this episode you’ll learn about standing out as an introverted entrepreneur as well as about…

  • Steve’s decision to build a business that is a reflection of who he is.
  • How Susan Cain’s work gave Steve permission to be an introvert.
  • How Now, Discover Your Strengths helped Steve walk in his power.
  • How Clarity Wins supports readers in defining their sweet spot.
  • How clear words can turn customers into a referral sales force.
  • The pros and cons of Steve’s ability to analyze and distill information.
  • How Clarity Fuel grew out of Steve’s pharma matchmaking business.
  • How Steve’s dogged determination has contributed to his success.
  • Steve’s advice for introverts around employing a business coach.
  • The significance of an outside voice in helping you achieve clarity.
  • Why LinkedIn has proven to be Steve’s most valuable social platform.
  • Steve’s affinity for asynchronous communication and scheduled calls.

Steve’s favorite quote

In our society, the ideal self is bold, gregarious, and comfortable in the spotlight. We like to think that we value individuality, but mostly we admire the type of individual who’s comfortable ‘putting himself out there.”

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