Learn the one technique you are missing to get more clients for your business 

Cold calling no longer works.
In order to speed up sales, you have to slow things down.
Learn the method for Social Selling on LinkedIn in order to generate more leads  

Do you know the 3 reasons you should adopt Social Selling for prospecting?


Cold Calling is dead! (besides, it's frustrating and nobody likes to get calls!) 
The actual appointment rate is only 0.3%!


Today's buyer is much more intelligent. 57% of the decision to purchase is already made before getting in touch with the seller. This is why you must create a relationship before talking about the sale.


92% of all recipients delete messages if they do not recognize the sender.

It's time you learned

the LinkedIn Social Selling method

I am teaching this method through an interactive webinar for the first time.

Sarah Santacroce

Hi! I’m Sarah Santacroce. I have been referred to as 'The Swiss LinkedIn Expert' and universities (for example Rutgers in New Jersey, EPFL Switzerland), local & global companies & associations hire me to train their students or employees about LinkedIn. I'm also the creative brains behind The LinkedIn Challenge, a yearly event where over 1700 Coaches, Consultants, and other Business Owners learn how to use LinkedIn to generate more business. I live and work in beautiful Switzerland and have helped hundreds of clients from all over the world breathe life into their LinkedIn profiles.

Businesses small and large call on me to train their sales teams on the Social Selling method. For the first time, I am also offering this training through a webinar to business owners who wish to generate more sales.

Gone are messages such as:
'Hi Mr./Mrs. X, I would like offer my services bla bla bla.' 
If you want to get appointments, stop selling to people who don't know you.

Instead, start giving...

Jo Saunders

Alan Tawil-Kummerman, Operating Partner of Milestone Investisseurs

 I recommend Sarah's 'Social Selling on LinkedIn' course! It really helped me understand the potential (and the limits!) of LinkedIn and now allows me to plan our needs in terms of community management & lead generation for our Crowdfunding startup. I enjoyed the virtual group training and appreciated the personal feeback. Thanks to your course, I was able to select a few persons on LinkedIn that we wanted as a third partner in our crowdfunding business, and we signed with one person last week. Thanks Sarah.

Jo Saunders

Claudia Schalkx, Small Business Marketing 

Sarah knows all the nuts and bolts of LinkedIn and more importantly, knows how to explain them so that you can quickly put her teachings into practice and book results. Sarah's Social Selling with LinkedIn course is a roadmap for you to leverage on this platform to reach your business goals knowing what to do at each step of the way. Success guaranteed!

Who is this training for?

This training is for entrepreneurs, small business owners or business directors who want to find out about this new, non-agressive, sales and prospecting method.

And since the training is online, you can attend no matter where you live!

Why should you take this online training?

  • Because you need clients.
  • Because you lack the time to attend 10 networking events each week.
  • Because you want to learn the secrets to better focused prospecting.
  • Because you want a method which will help you stand out from your competition.
Jo Saunders

Michelle Downing, Virtually Alligned Business Services

 I highly recommend Sarah and investing in her services. Her expertise and knowledge are valuable to every small business looking to grow their presence and/or obtaining more clients.

What does the training include?

1st session: 

I give you all my secrets to creating a LinkedIn profile that sells! I know I focus quite a bit on that profile but, believe me, prospecting with a badly crafted profile is not worth it. I want you to receive messages like: 'I really like what I saw on your LinkedIn profile. Can we meet?'

Here's what we'll cover:

  • How to take your profile from a boring resume to a cutting edge sales tool which will make prospects want to contact you right away.
  • How to increase the trust aspect of your profile to attract clients (endorsements and recommendations)
  • How to have a translated profile to reach a bilingual clientele
  • Which tone to use so that prospects feel like you are speaking directly to them and so they feel comfortable about contacting you.

2nd session: 

We will speak of the importance of interacting with your network and in groups. I'll give you my strategy to help you be known as the expert in your field which will greatly increase your number of profile views and messages saying 'I found you on LinkedIn'...

Here's what we'll cover

  • Your connection strategy to grow your network
  • The importance of LinkedIn groups
  • How to be more visible in your network and become known as the expert in your field
  • How to publish content using the 'LinkedIn Pulse' tool and increase the notoriety of your brand

3rd session: 

In the last session, I show you how to use LinkedIn  to search for prospects who match your ideal client avatar. Then I show you, step-by-step, my blueprint for progressive and non-aggressive prospecting. I share everything: my message templates, tools I use for following up, Chrome applications that make the whole process easier... Everything. We will also take the time to review some real-life cases and to go over what you can offer (instead of asking...).

Here's what we will cover

  • How to use LinkedIn's to find your ideal clients (free and paid options)
  • Discussion on what you can ​'offer' instead of starting by asking for something
  • The different message templates, how the whole process works, the follow up tool, etc.
Jo Saunders

Jean-Luc Jolliet, JollietAdvice

"Working with Sarah means a marvelous customer experience and she deserves more than a recommendation. I want to be her ambassador."

I have 3 Bonuses for you!

  • All my non sleazy sales message templates ($200 value).
  • Private LinkedIn Mastermind ($100 value). In between our sessions you get access to a private LinkedIn Group. 

  • Bonus Q&A Session ($250 value). Yes, I’m throwing in a bonus Q&A session after the 3 weeks where you get to ask any remaining questions. Date to be defined with the group.

How does it work?

  • There's no commute since the training is offered through live, interactive webinars. Simply turn on your computer, have a coffee or tea on hand and you're ready to go. You will either see me or my screen and will be able to ask any questions live.

  • Once each session is over, I will send you the recording.
  • You will also get homework each week. :-)
  • We have 3 appointments of 1.5 hours on Tuesday November 28th, Tuesday December 5th and 12th, from 9 am to 10.30 ET (3 pm European time)

Your investment in this Social Selling System

  • for 4.5 hours of online training
  • lifetime access to the video recording of all sessions
  • answers to your questions 
  • access to a private LinkedIn group where you can ask questions between sessions

is $497

And I reserve Tuesday , 3pm till 4.30 pm Eastern standard time (9 am European Central time) in my calendar

Share this training with your LinkedIn connexions!

Some false impressions about LinkedIn prospection

  1. If I had a magic recipe which could generate prospects with no effort on your part I would sell it for much more than $500 :-) However, I am giving you the blueprint I use in my own busi ness and for my clients. After that, it's up to you.
  2. The sale does not happen on LinkedIn. We never sell on social media, we generate leads. However, the sales discussion still happens, through email, phone or face to face over coffee or a business lunch/dinner.
  3. If, up to now, you have sent a sales message to 50 people at a time, I'm not surprised if that didn't generate results. Social Selling is the opposite of what you have been doing. Each client is approached individually. We take the time to slow the sales process down in order to speed up the actual sale.

This training is for you if...

  • you are an entrepreneur, a sales representative or manage a small service business
  • your clients are other entrepreneurs, employees or decision makers in their business (director, founder, HR director, IT director, etc.)
  • you are a coach, consultant, independant adviser, service provider, broker, agent, etc.
  • you work in: financial services, marketing, real estate, event planning, human resources, IT, legal services, logistics, management consulting, training, translation, copywriting, etc.

This training is not for you if...

  • you are expecting miracles !
  • if you sell consumer goods (unless you offer luxury or tailor-made products)
  • you want to keep sending the same message to everyone

And I reserve Tuesday November 28th, Tuesday December 5th and 12th, 3pm till 4.30 pm Eastern standard time (9 am European Central time) in my calendar

What you may be thinking right now...

Does it really work? Will it work for me?  It works if you put into practice the system I teach you. After that, it will depend, of course, on the service you offer (relevance for the client, quality, references, etc.)

I don't want to seem too agressive. That's the beauty of it. The Social Selling method's motto is "give before you receive."

I'm busy on the dates mentioned. ​That's a shame but, if you do want to get the training, you still can.  All sessions will be recorded and you will be receiving the video shortly after each one is done.

I don't know if my prospects are on LinkedIn. ​Do a test. Take you current client list and see if you can find them on LinkedIn.

I prefer live, in-person training, not virtual. I understand. However, there are many advantages to virtual training: you don't have to commute, you don't need to block an entire day on your agenda, the training is held over 3 weeks so you'll have lots of time to put what you learn into practice. And, you get a video recording for all sessions which you can keep forever! Also, this is a small, focused learning group, not more than 12 people. So you really do get your questions answered, trust me!

I'm afraid I don't know enough to understand the content of the training. I can promise you that the training is for everyone. All you need is to be willing to be visible.

I find that $500 is too expensive. Have you factored in all the value? There are no travel expenses, no parking fees and you're not losing a whole day of work. And you get a video recording of all sessions. And it's not just a cost to learn a tool such as Excel or Word. It is an investment which can have great returns. What is just 1 or 2 new clients this year worth to you? The decision is up to you.

Once the training is over, you will have...

  • a LinkedIn profile which attracts clients
  • learned how to use LinkedIn to find new prospects
  • written messages that will enable you to approach prospects in a non-aggressive manner
  • received all the tools to put together your own prospecting process
  • understood that, to speed up the sale, you must slow things down. This is the Social Selling principle
  • understood what LinkedIn groups are about and how to use them
  • learned how to be visible on LinkedIn so that you can be seen as an expert in your field

And I reserve Tuesday November 28th, Tuesday December 5th and 12th, 3pm till 4.30 pm Eastern standard time (9 am European Central time) in my calendar

I still have questions...

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still join? ​PayPal accepts all credit cards. However, if you really do not like PayPal, send me an email (sarah[at]simplicitysmallbiz[point]com).

Why is the price in $? I don't live in the US. ​I had to choose one currency so I opted for the US Dollar. PayPal will convert $ to your currency when you make your payment. 

Can I follow the training on my iPad? ​Yes, you can. If you're not near a computer you can also follow on a tablet or smartphone.

What exactly is a webinar? It's a multimedia, interactive seminar which brings specialists together and is accessible online after registration. It can be watched live, or later, on the web.

What happens once I pay? Once you register and your payment is validated, you will receive an automatic confirmation on the web, followed by an email containing all the information you will need to attend the webinars.

More testimonials...

Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders, Austrialian LinkedIn Expert 

 'Sarah is a leader in her field and a fellow LinkedIn expert I am proud to collaborate with. She is generous with sharing her expertise and a source of knowledge, and marketing expertise is worth tapping into through her products and services. Sarah is Switzerland's number one LinkedIn expert whom I am proud to call a colleague and friend. '

Patrick O'Byrne

Sarah has a very good knowledge of LinkedIn, and works to spread this to interested parties through the LinkedIn Challenge. I found the tips presented very useful, and Sarah was very friendly and helpful, through the group, her emails, and the Webinars and Google Hangouts she arranged.

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And I reserve Tuesday November 28th, Tuesday December 5th and 12th, 3pm till 4.30 pm Eastern standard time (9 am European Central time) in my calendar