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  •  Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the Social Media options?

  •  Do you have a clear Social Media Strategy mapped out?

  • Are you spending too much time on it without any concrete ROI?

  • Do you not know where to start with Online Marketing to get new clients?


Are you:

  • a solo-preneur (coach, speaker, author, professor etc.) or
  • a small business owner

who is looking for help to guide you in this Social Media Jungle? Do you want someone who shows you how to do it or you don’t have time to do it yourself and want someone who does it for you ?

Yes, I am:

  • a small business owner, therefore know your challenges and needs
  • a Social Media geek (certified geek) who can help you take advantage of these new marketing channels.


Do your research:

If you are not already a regular reader of my blog , that’s the first thing I would do to find out more about me and how I help small businesses. I also recommend you sign up to get monthly updates and other small business tips. Last but not least, read my testimonials.

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Then consider my Social Media Marketing packages to build your tribe

If you did your research already and would like more info on my packages, you find them below or you can download the complete brochure for future reference by clicking on the image above (pdf document, install adobe acrobat). Or you can contact me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!


Starter Packages

Social Marketing Strategy Development & Action Plan

350 CHF 285 EUR

  • Initial Consultation: define business objectives, target audience, current social marketing involvement, needs and gaps
  • Social Marketing Action Plan: lay out the social marketing channels that could be improved


Professional Facebook Page Package

385 CHF 315 EUR

  • Initial consult and strategy time (Brainstorm goals for using Facebook)
  • Create a “Welcome” landing page (or landing page of your choice)
  • Add up to 5 relevant applications
  • Claim your vanity url
  • add a “Contact me” form
  • link your blog
  • put up a sign-up form for your newsletteror blog posts
  • Search Engine Optimize your page
  • 1 hour training on how to use Facebook


LinkedIn Profile Package

280 CHF 230 EUR

  • Initial consult and strategy time (brainstorm goals for using Linkedin)
  • Create or complete a keyword rich profile (achieve 100% profile completeness)
  • Add relevant applications
  • Explain how to set up or participate in targeted groups
  • Explain how to share events
  • 30 min training on how to use Linkedin


Basic Twitter Package

220 CHF 180 EUR

  • Initial consult and strategy time (brainstorm goals for using Twitter)
  • Create profile
  • 1 hour training on how to use Twitter


Big Three Package

900 CHF 810 EUR

  • Professional Facebook Page Package (see page 3)
  • Linkedin Profile Package (see above))
  • Basic Twitter Package (see above)
  • Set up Hootsuite for easy updating of all Social Media channels


Monthly Services

Social Networking in Big Three

(for 6 hours of Social Networking activities)

480 CHF 395 EUR

  • Ongoing research of new targeted customer, partners, clients etc..
  • Manage events on Linkedin & Facebook
  • Create and manage PPC ads on Linkedin & Facebook
  • Manage status and content updates


Social Media Content distribution

(for 6 hours of monthly content distribution activities)

480 CHF 395 EUR

  • Create pdf documents of new content
  • Distribute new content.
  • Create and manage PPC ads on Linkedin & Facebook
  • Track ROI and results


Monthly Packages

Aluminium Support Package

(about 6 hours of support per month)

480 CHF 395 EUR


Bronze Support Package

(about 10 hours of support per month)

800 CHF 660 EUR


Silver Support Package

(about 15 hours of support per month)

1200 CHF 990 EUR


Gold Support Package

(about 20 hours of support per month)

1600 CHF 1315 EUR

Contact me today to take advantage of these effective but low-cost marketing options