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The best compliment you can give me is to recommend my services to others! Do you know a company who needs help managing their Social Media or Internet Marketing tasks? By recommending that they contact me, you will not only help me, but you will also be compensated for your efforts and generosity. If the company you refer signs a contract to work with Simplicity you get to choose your “thank you gift”:


[list_item]either I give you 10$ of the invoice amount , up to a maximum of 50$[/list_item]

[list_item]or, you receive a gift card from Amazon (minimum of 10% of the referred company’s invoice, max of $50)[/list_item]

[list_item]or, If you prefer to give to others, I work with Kiva empowers regular people to alleviate poverty by lending to entrepreneurs around the world. We will send you a gift certificate and you can redeem it directly on their website.[/list_item]

[list_item]or, if you live in Switzerland, you receive a coupon code for DeinDeal ![/list_item]


Thank you in advance for your referral ! I truly appreciate it !

Sarah Santacroce

Simplicity – Simple Small Business Solutions