Setting Boundaries as an Introvert

Setting Boundaries as an Introvert with Jim Mondry

Jim Mondry’s wife is a ‘raging extrovert.’ When they sit down to read together, he only makes it through one or two pages before she starts sharing excerpts from her own book or initiating a discussion. And as an introvert, this used to drive him crazy—until he realized that he had to own his ability to speak up. Now, he makes an intentional choice to set a boundary that protects his energy OR open up and listen, even when it’s hard.

Jim Mondry is the founder of Jim Mondry Coaching, a business dedicated to helping new leaders develop the emotional and social skills necessary to motivate and inspire others. He is also an ‘accidental apple grower,’ serving as the co-owner of Smiths’ Apple Orchard with his wife. An electrical engineer by trade, Jim spent nine years working in the field before making the transition to entrepreneurship, and he has studied positive psychology, fine art photography and child psychology.

Today, Jim shares the origin of his concern with making safe choices and explains how self-development work helped him learn to take calculated risks. He discusses how he and his wife came to own an apple orchard, describing the staffing and cashflow challenges of owning a seasonal business. Jim also offers insight on empowering his staff to interact with customers and his challenge around regular networking to generate referrals for his coaching business. Listen in as Jim addresses the psychology of scheduling activities that bring you joy and learn how to ask family members and colleagues for the space and time you need as an introvert!

Jim’s favorite quote

Soluitur Ambulando” (To solve a problem, walk around) ~ Mahatma Gandhi

In this episode you’ll learn about setting boundaries as an introvert as well as…

  • The origin of Jim’s concern with making safe choices.
  • How self-development work helped Jim learn to take risks.
  • Jim’s mission to help leaders develop the skills to inspire others.
  • How Jim and his wife came to own an apple orchard.
  • The challenges around owning a seasonal business.
  • Why Jim empowers his staff to interact with customers.
  • Jim’s challenge with regular networking to generate referrals.
  • How to ask family/colleagues for the space and time you need.
  • Jim’s insight on intentionally setting boundaries OR opening up.
  • How Jim uses meditation to identify and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Jim’s strategy for color-coding his Google calendar.
  • The psychology of scheduling activities that bring you joy.
  • The Lapsed Anarchist’s unique approach to managing teams.
  • Jim’s take on marketing with integrity as extending an invitation.
  • Jim’s gratitude for a supportive, generous community.

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