Self-Promotion for Introverts: It’s a [Step-by-Step] Process

Self-Promotion for Introverts

Introverts tend to run up against roadblocks when we are put in situations that require self-promotion. Tassey Russo spent years representing corporations, and she had no problem asking C-level executives for money and resources in that role. But when she started her own entrepreneurial venture, awkwardness and anxiety ruled the day when it came time to market herself. Tassey questioned, “Will they buy me?”

So, what’s an introvert to do? Tassey developed a step-by-step process for navigating sales conversations, and she began to thrive. 13 years later, she remains at the helm of Level Up Solutions, a coaching and consulting firm that provides business development and online marketing strategy to entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to reach the next level of growth.

Today, Tassey shares the story of her bold move to New York City after college and the desire for connection that inspired her to create her own business. She discusses the difference between selling a brand and selling yourself, explaining why she struggled with marketing her business despite an absolute confidence in her abilities and how she overcame this challenge with a process around initiating sales conversations. Tassey offers insight into the 14-month journey of self-discover that led to a rebrand of her business this past October and a new focus on supporting clients in evolutionary growth. Listen in and learn about Tassey’s newfound love of storytelling on stage and the online publishing platform where she is creating a community around her writing.

In this episode you’ll learn about Self-Promotion for Introverts as well as…

  • How Tassey’s inner courage and determination led her to a job in NYC after college.
  • How self-awareness and reflection have influenced Tassey’s career moves.
  • How a desire for connection led Tassey to start her own business.
  • Why Tassey struggled with marketing her business despite a confidence in her abilities.
  • The difference between selling a brand and selling yourself.
  • How Tassey overcame her weakness around sales by creating a process.
  • The 14-month journey of self-discovery that led Tassey to rebrand her business.
  • Tassey’s new focus on supporting clients in evolutionary growth.
  • How Tassey discovered her love of storytelling on stage.
  • The reaffirming nature of finding a place where your voice can be heard.
  • Tassey’s ongoing hesitancy to share her voice publicly through social media.
  • The value of compartmentalizing to focus on one task at a time.
  • How Tassey leverages Medium to create a community around her writing.
  • The advantages of Stencil as a graphic design tool.
  • How Steal the Show helped Tassey step into her value as a speaker.

Tassey’s favorite quote

“When one door closes, another will open”

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