Reinvent Your Business

Reinvent Your Business as an Introverted Entrepreneur

There are a number of benefits to entrepreneurship. We have the freedom to do work we love—with the people we choose. And running an online business is particularly well-suited to us introverts who are content to spend a lot of time in our own company. But perhaps the greatest benefit to entrepreneurship is the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our businesses when what we’re doing isn’t working for us anymore.

Cindy Bidar is a business manager who helps online entrepreneurs earn more and work less. She specializes in marketing and systems automation for coaches and freelancers, supporting clients in improving conversion rates, increasing sales, and adding to the bottom line. Cindy consults for some of today’s most profitable online businesses, training seven-figure marketing teams and leading the setup and management of hundreds of sales funnels.

Today, Cindy explains how a quest for supplemental income led her to start an online business. She offers insight around developing a willingness to attend events as an introvert and building relationships as part of a grassroots business model. Cindy speaks to the advantage of being happy in your own company, the value in tracking your numbers daily, and the benefit of eliminating distractions to pursue ‘deep work.’ Listen in as Cindy shares the AHA moment that inspired her to reinvent her business and expand her offerings beyond done-for-you services to include additional revenue streams!

In this episode you’ll learn how to reinvent your business as an Introverted Entrepreneur as well as…

    • How a quest for supplemental income led Cindy to online business.
    • How word-of-mouth helps Cindy expand her client base.
    • Cindy’s insight around developing a willingness to attend events.
    • How Cindy expanded her revenue beyond done-for-you services.
    • Cindy’s current focus on developing a digital product line.
    • The value of relationship-building in a grassroots business model.
    • The advantages around being happy with your own company.
    • The AHA moment that led Cindy to reinvent her business.
    • Cindy’s view of day-to-day tracking as the secret to success.
    • How Deep Work inspires Cindy to eliminate distractions.
    • How to help people make informed decisions with email marketing.
    • Cindy’s gratitude for the freedom of being an entrepreneur.

Cindy’s favorite quote

The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before.” ~Francis Phillip Wernig

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