• Are you feeling completely overwhelmed with all this online stuff?
    • Are you lacking a clear strategy & don't know what to focus on(Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog? Aaah!)
    • Or maybe you would just like to pick Sarah's brain about a specific topic to move your business forward?

    if that's you then you need to ...

    Book a Power Hour Session with Sarah to get Clarity, Strategy & Peace of Mind !

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    Here’s a sampling of what we could cover during the session:

    • An extensive review of your website with action-steps on what needs to be improved
    • How to set up your first webinar: tools you need, step by step process, how to get people to attend
    • How to set up a series of autoresponders with Aweber
    • How to create a paid e-course with Aweber
    • A review of your LinkedIn Profile
    • Feedback & help with your blog posts
    • How to set up your Google+ Page
    • How to upload a video to your website or blog
    • Which Social Media Channel you should focus on for your business
    • Put together an editorial calendar for your blog

    Essentially you get to pick my brain for a full hour ;-)

    Get Clarity to Grow Your Business -
    Schedule a 'Power Hour' Session with Sarah

    What’s In It For You?

    • Peace of mind because you can quit spending endless hours trying to search for the information you need on the internet
    • Specific answers to your questions, focused on your business rather than generic information you find for free
    • ​Business growth because you will finally stop procrastinating thanks to your new clarity & strategy
    • Immediate results if you implement the tips & strategies I share during our session

    Happy clients: 

    "Wow! I just got off a one-hour, jam-packed with value, Power Hour Skype call with Sarah Santacroce. I had three topics I hoped we could cover, expecting we might do only one or two. We did all three and more – and all in more detail than I had anticipated. I learned what I needed to know to send out an e-course in AWeber, how I might start using GooglePlus, and how to enhance my use of LinkedIn – all with step-by-step explanations and demonstrations, via conversation and screen-sharing. Bonuses were other social media marketing tips for use of my website, blog and newsletter that Sarah identified during our time together. I now have several pages of notes of explanation and action steps to follow, and audio and video recordings of our ‘power hour’ to review when I get into action. Thanks, Sarah, for your expertise, your gently patient and clear explanations, and for the pleasure of working with you."

    Marcia Dorfman, One on One Coaching Inc.

    "I had been following Sarah on her blog for quite some time when I saw her Power Hour proposition and I suddenly thought it could be what I needed to get unstuck and stop delaying what I wanted to do. My needs are about developing my presence and visibility on the Net, but struggling with where to start, and also some fear I must say of doing the wrong things. In this one hour session it was just amazing for me to see how Sarah smoothly and steadily guided me with her questions and reflections, helping me to see things in a much more simple and practical way. In just one hour I had the milestones of a strategy and some priorities set, knowing where to start, what to do. And on the top a very professional and trustful person I can rely on. Tanks Sarah for this Power Hour."

    Nathalie Baron, NathalieBaronCoaching

    Ready? Here's how it works

    • Click on the ‘Schedule’ button to reserve your ‘Power Hour’ for $220.00
    • I’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule our ‘Power Hour’ session.
    • I’ll follow up with a small questionnaire so I can get familiar with your business
    • We meet at the scheduled time for 50 minutes, by Skype or Google Hangout so I can demonstrate things online.
    • After our session you will have specific action steps you can go implement right away.

    No, I still have questions

      • An hour is short if you first have to learn about my business  
        This is what the pre-session questionnaire is for. I will prepare & get familiar with your business so we can jump right in. 
      • I'm in the United States (or Australia) & you are in Switzerland? Can we still work together?
        Yes, thanks to the internet I get to work with people from all over the world. As long as you have Skype and an internet connection we're all set.

    More happy clients: 

    "I connected with Sarah by chance via her LinkedIn Challenge group and I’m so glad I did! I was impressed after checking out her online presence and business services, so I snatched up the offer to have a dedicated hour of her time. Power Hour, indeed! We covered everything from how to integrate my blog with LinkedIn, using share buttons, tip campaigns, website enhancements, an interactive contact form…and so much more. Through our Skype session, she was able to actually show me specific implementation steps then provided an audio of our entire session to ensure that I had all the details I needed to take action. Sarah not only offers expertise for small businesses as a coach/consultant, but also instills confidence because she lives and breathes as her own small business every day. I’d definitely recommend that you scour her website, read the great content, and then invest in a Power Hour of your own. It’s a tremendous value!"

    Trina Willard, Knowledge Advisory Group

    "I hired Sarah to help me make the most of my business online, so that I could reach out and offer my services to more people, no matter where they lived. Sarah is an absolute expert in her field, is so personable to work with and puts in 100% dedication. She is a must for any Small Business owner wanting to make the most of the Social Media world!"

    Alison Wegner, Style Intellect

    Sarah's Power Hour has really given me a boost! Packed with ideas and encouragement, I have been energised and enthused to make some key changes to my website, newsletters and LinkedIn profile to support me to reach more people. The whole experience was clear and helpful, from the prep work before the call, Sarah's focus on what was most the most efficient use of the time, clear action points and finally the recording of our session to refer back to. Brilliant! Thanks Sarah!

    Emma Collins


    I will record this call either via audio or video if I need to show you something on my screen and send you the recording after our call

    Who is Sarah Santacroce anyways ?

    Sarah Santacroce helps small business owners get clients online. She will teach you how to increase your online visibility so you can quit chasing clients and get found; how to tap into the power of social media to increase your leads; and how to understand and master the intricacies of Internet marketing. Having worked with hundreds of small business owners like you, she prides herself in guiding people out of overwhelm & desperation and into a state of serenity & structure, knowing exactly what to do and where to start to grow your business. And it's not a coincidence that her business is called 'Simplicity': she's known for her simple and pragmatic style, no fluff.