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IBG 66 – Jim Mondry – Owning Your Choice to Set Boundaries as an Introvert

Jim Mondry’s wife is a ‘raging extrovert.’ When they sit down to read together, he only makes it through one or two pages before she starts sharing excerpts from her own book or initiating a discussion. And as an introvert, this used to drive him crazy—until he realized that he had to own his ability…

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IBG 65 – Devon Smiley – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Become an Introverted Entrepreneur

Seven years ago, Devon Smiley was sitting in her cubicle, daydreaming of spending a month in Paris when her inner voice said, “But you’re not that type of person.” Today, Devon has gone rogue with her own business as a negotiation consultant and she LIVES in the City of Lights. How did she learn to…

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IBG 64 – Dorie Clark – Creating Multiple Revenue Streams as an Introverted Entrepreneur

One of the worries we face as online entrepreneurs is how to handle a slow month. How do you design a business model that allows you to hedge against uncertainty? Fellow introvert Dorie Clark contends that establishing multiple income streams is the best way to do business. In fact, she has created nine sources of…

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IBG 63 – Katie Rasoul – Redefining Success as an Ambitious Introvert

In the corporate setting, you work on a project until someone tells you it’s ‘good enough.’ But what happens when you start your own business? With no one to tell you when to stop, you run the risk of setting unrealistic expectations and developing a very big fear of failure. So, how do you set…

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IBG 62 – Doug Holt – Becoming the Introverted Hero of Your Own Story

If the last two years of your life were a book, would it be a bestseller? Would YOU want to read it? In 2007, Doug Holt realized that though he looked successful from the outside, he was unfulfilled and unhappy. In fact, he wasn’t even the hero of his own story. That’s when he decided…

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IBG 61 – Jason Swenk – Leadership by Listening for the Introverted Entrepreneur

Introverts make excellent leaders, but our approach is just a little different. We tend to be quiet leaders who gather feedback from our team first and then share our own thoughts with intention. We lead by listening. After graduating from Florida State in 1999 with a MIS in business, Jason Swenk went to work for…

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IBG 60 – Heather Ann Havenwood – Going Inward for Energy as an Introverted Entrepreneur

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that we can’t take the stage and give a powerful performance. The difference is that we go inward for energy, drawing on time to ourselves before a speaking engagement or presentation—and decompressing on our own afterward. Heather Ann Havenwood is the CEO of Havenwood Worldwide and Chief Sexy Boss. A…

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IBG 59 -Michelle Shaeffer – Embracing Your Gifts as an Introverted Entrepreneur

“We hear growing up … that being extroverted is better for whatever reason, and we tend to think of introversion as something that’s less. But if we can just embrace that instead and go, ‘Yeah, this is who I am. It’s okay for me to be this way. Not only is it okay, but I…

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IBG 58 – David Burkus – Redefining What it Means to Network for Introverts

Conventional wisdom tells us that networking is about working a room and winning the most business cards. But does the traditional model truly promote authentic connections that will last long-term? Is there a better way to approach networking that builds deeper relationships faster—in a setting where introverts can thrive? David Burkus is a best-selling author…

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IBG 57- Michelle Evans – Finding Your Marketing Voice as an Introvert

Marketing is a necessary part of any online business, but the approach is entirely up to you. In fact, if you want to be successful, it is important to find your own marketing voice and design a method that works with your introversion rather than against it. The ‘get known’ method of constant networking and…

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5 tips for publishing the right content on LinkedIn

So you have a LinkedIn profile, now what? In addition to searching out viable connections, publishing content should be at the top of your to-do list. Publishing the right content on your feed as well as in your groups will attract potential leads and increase your credibility and expertise.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Credibility on LinkedIn and Attract Ideal Clients

By Sarah Santacroce / February 21, 2019 / 2 Comments
increase your credibility on LinkedIn

Since you’re not approaching LinkedIn with a sales approach mindset (but with a Serving Mindset), you need to make every aspect of this platform work to your advantage in order to both attract prospective clients and then convince them that you are the expert they’ve been searching for. 

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5 Things You Won’t See Me Do on LinkedIn

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5 Things You Won't See Me Do on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals in all industries. With over 550 million monthly users, you have quite a large base to develop new connections and build relationships with potential clients.

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5 Things to Know About Finding Clients on LinkedIn

By Sarah Santacroce / February 7, 2019 / 4 Comments
5 Things to Know about Finding Clients on LinkedIn

If you’re looking to make important business connections, LinkedIn is the premier social media platform to use. You’ll find recruiters using LinkedIn to find job candidates; CEOs looking to grow their influence and build trust with buyers; and entrepreneurs looking for clients or joint venture partners. In the world of business relationships, you just never…

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Have You Joined the #LinkedInLocal Movement Yet?

By Sarah Santacroce / October 4, 2018 / 0 Comments

In May 2017, Ana McAfee organized and hosted a meetup for her LinkedIn connections. She ended the posted invitation with the hashtag #LinkedInLocal. Since that day, LinkedIn Local was born, and the hashtag has been appropriated by hundreds of young professionals who want a better way to network.

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Get More Engagement with the New LinkedIn Audio Messaging

By Sarah Santacroce / September 20, 2018 / 0 Comments
Linkedin Audio Messaging Feature

Consumers and Social Media users have high expectations for brands and business. With the recent advent of new, interactive marketing techniques (I’m thinking of Facebook Messenger Bots for example), it’s more important than ever before to take your Social Media interactions to the next level. Recently, LinkedIn rolled out a new feature to help you…

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Should I have a LinkedIn Company Page as an Entrepreneur

By Sarah Santacroce / September 6, 2018 / 0 Comments
LinkedIn Company Page

While having an optimized personal profile on LinkedIn is critical for success on the platform, I highly recommend you also create a LinkedIn Company Page for your business. This article (and video) will give you insight into why it’s a good idea for an entrepreneur to take advantage of the LinkedIn Company Page

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LinkedIn Lead Generation: 4 Steps to Building Relationships

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LinkedIn is one of the leading social media platforms for building and maintaining professional and business connections. While other social media sites are used to communicate (mostly) with family, friends, and followers, LinkedIn is designed to facilitate working and professional relationships. But simply adding connections to your network is not going to automagically get you…

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The LinkedIn Active Status: Here’s how to use it

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Linkedin Active Status

Since 2016, LinkedIn has been crafting and launching several new components with the aim of facilitating even better communication between users. One of these critical features is LinkedIn’s ‘active status.’

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What’s the Point of LinkedIn?

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What’s the Point of LinkedIn

What’s the point of LinkedIn? It’s a professional platform that you can use for your Personal Branding & to position yourself as an expert in order to get clients with ease.

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