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There are 4 reasons you're leaving money on the table if you're not using LinkedIn to get clients:


LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Twitter or Facebook (Hubspot data).


People on LinkedIn are in a business mindset. They use LinkedIn to look for service providers like you, connect & then send you an email with a meeting request.


LinkedIn users have a much higher average income than those of other platforms. They have the money to invest in your services.


Your competitors have understood that your audience is on LinkedIn and are getting clients on this professional platform every day

'I Liked What I Saw on Your LinkedIn Profile.
Can we meet?'

My clients tell me that they get messages such as the above regularly. I know it's true because I do too.  You see: we don't sell on LinkedIn, but we initiate the sales discussion or spike the prospects interest which then leads to a sales discussion offsite (Phone, Skype or in person). LinkedIn is different that way and this step to take it offsite happens much faster and more often than on any other social platform (remember the business mindset?).

But... the 'spike of interest' of course only happens if you actually have an interesting LinkedIn Profile.

Which is Why I created the 
LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix.

I was so frustrated seeing all these service based business owners with terrible LinkedIn Profiles that read like boring resumes! These profiles were all addressing recruiters instead of clients, they were talking about the past, instead of the present, they weren't selling... but putting prospects to sleep!

In order to get clients on LinkedIn...

...you need to start with a powerful
LinkedIn Profile

Watch the video below to learn more about what optimizing your LinkedIn Profile can do for your business:

"Just to let you know that I improved my profile last Friday following your course. And Sunday I got 2 leads. One of them booked a coaching session for Thursday. Really good tools! I was expecting to slow down to prepare the baby’s arrival and this was a surprise. It really works! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”" 

Claudia Rodrigues

What is it worth to you to get more clients on LinkedIn?

Here are the options that are available to you:

  1. Keep ignoring LinkedIn & let your competition snatch away all the prospects that are looking for service providers like you!
  2. Continue to shy away potential clients because your LinkedIn profile looks like a boring resume or spend endless hours on the internet trying to try to figure it out on your own to gather bits and pieces here and there (experts never share everything in one place for free!)
  3. Hire me or another LinkedIn expert to write your LinkedIn Profile for you (we’re talking $600 and up)
  4. Pay LinkedIn $50 per month for a Premium Account & think it’s that easy (it’s NOT, just having a LinkedIn Premium account won’t get you clients. In fact, I don’t even have the Premium version!)

… or you can follow my easy step-by-step tutorials and have an optimized LinkedIn Profile that attracts your ideal customers within a few hours! Just one new client & you have your money back!

With the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix, you can turn your profile into a client magnet.

The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix is a short but insanely effective step-by-step video training that teaches you how to metamorphose your profile into a client magnet.

You'll learn why you need to fill out your profile differently as a business owner than you may have as a job seeker and how it can lead to more clients.

The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix gives you access to my entire profile review formula. This process is the foundation of my business and I use it every day when I work with clients one-on-one. 

What you might be thinking right now...

"I could do this myself."

Most people actually think they have a decent LinkedIn profile. But they don't. They have a decent resume. But as a business owner you don't need a resume. You need a profile that sells your services, makes you stand out & gets you clients !  You can create your Facebook page on your own, but this is different.

Also, most information you find online about LinkedIn Profiles tells you what to do.

The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix shows you HOW to do it. LinkedIn is not exactly user friendly you see. You might know that you should keyword optimize your profile, but do you know HOW to do it? This program shows you how.

Let me tell you about the Quick Fix.
Here's what's included...

Online Video Training

Step-by-Step video tutorials to help you update your profile

Access for life

Forever access so you can go at your own pace

LinkedIn Profile Template

A handy template to print & refer to when applying the quick fix

All videos updated to the latest version of LinkedIn !
(update February 2017)

Inside, you’ll find 6 step-by-step trainings that will teach you:

Video 1
Photo & Headline

  • The headline is the most common mistake made on LinkedIn.
  • Why you should not use your job title and what keywords to put instead.
  • What your photo says about you and what types of photos to NEVER use.
  • This is THE most important real estate on LinkedIn.
  • If you get this one thing right, you increase your chances of getting clients by 200%.

Video 2
Your Website Links

  • What website link you should use on your LinkedIn Profile (it’s not your company’s homepage).
  • Learn how to optimize your profile so you drive more traffic to your website.
  • In this video you’ll learn how to make LinkedIn one of the top traffic sources in your Google Analytics account.

Video 3
Your Summary & Experience Sections

  • Be ready for a big a-ha moment in this one. I’ll teach you what needs to go into this section so your prospects want to immediately get in touch with you.
  • The place you convince people that you have t< /span>he solution to their problems.
  • If LinkedIn were your website, this is a mix of the ‘about page’ and ‘work with me’ page.
  • Why using the Summary section is essential to successfully attracting clients.
  • A tiny but epic mistake that you might be making in your summary that’s turning off prospective clients.
  • Why bullet points are boring and what to do instead.

Video 4
Visual Aspect of Your Profile

  • LinkedIn might be a professional platform, but it doesn’t have to be boring!
  • Use multimedia to add depth and intrigue to your profile to really wow potential clients.
  • Utilize various visual strategies to help people truly understand why they should work with you.

Video 5
The Trust Factor of your Profile

  • How this section will help you develop the know, like, and trust factor to attract your clients.
  • Why recommendations and endorsements from other people are key to successfully attracting clients through LinkedIn.
  • Social proof makes a big difference anywhere, but especially on LinkedIn. I’ll teach you the difference between endorsements and recommendations, and how to get them.

Video 6
Show off your accomplishments

  • This is the place to show off a little!
  • I'll teach you how to put a spotlight on specific services or events that you want to mention in your profile
  • We'll use the subsections here to position you as the expert in your field & really highlight your credibility
  • And finally, I'll show you how to use this section to grow your subscriber list !

Bonus Video
How to Create a Profile in Another Language

  • Are you doing business in another language? I’ll show you how to create a translation of your profile so that you can attract prospects in your international target market.

You get access to the entire LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix video training at once.

A printable LinkedIn Profile Template,
your easy-to-follow roadmap


  • This is a handy template that will allow you to quickly update and fix up your profile without having to wonder what goes where.
  • A full profile makeover system checklist so you can get serious about using LinkedIn to attract clients.
  • Have the information in an easy to implement worksheet to put everything you learned in this program into immediate use.
  • Use this cheatsheet to track your progress as you work through the video tutorials.
LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix

Get even more engaged with this program in our LinkedIn Group.

If you’ve been avoiding LinkedIn for your business, the LinkedIn group will get you excited about signing into LinkedIn every day. You’ll love being a member of our community where we talk about strategies to help keep your ideal clients engaged with you on LinkedIn, profile fixes, and much more.

You’ll get exclusive access to me to support you in creating, updating, and maintaining the most engaging LinkedIn Profile. I’ll respond personally to your comments and questions and take your thinking about your LinkedIn Profile to the next level. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with many other entrepreneurs on LinkedIn to feel plugged into that community and learn from one another’s wins!

Your investment for The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix is $97

"I have been ignoring LinkedIn for way too long. So I decided to take the plunge and learn from one of the Pros - Sarah. After going through her very helpful course, I have already landed a client. Unquestionably a result of implementing the tips and tricks she shared on improving my profile and networking. Thanks Sarah!"

Ashley Faulkes 
SEO Specialist & Web Designer

This really is a quick fix. It will take one week to implement the strategies in this program and start getting results.

You’ll get 6 videos to implement over 6 days (though you can do them all at once if you’d like)!

With just 30 minutes of work per day, you’ll be able to implement the entire LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix.

Don’t have time this week? That’s ok, too. You have lifetime access to the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix and get all of the videos at once, so you can do the program at whatever pace you’d like.

There are some misconceptions about LinkedIn & getting clients on it. Here are some things I want you to know before you purchase the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix:

  1. No! LinkedIn is not just for job seekers or big corporations and hasn’t been for a few years now. People use it to search for service providers like you!
  2. The sale does NOT happen on LinkedIn. We don’t sell on social media, we generate leads. Your optimized profile will help you get found, stand out & impress. But the actual sales conversation takes place via email, phone, or in person.
  3. LinkedIn's search results depend on the relevancy of the searcher. Well, guess what happens if you have a small network? You will show up in a small amount of searches. The bigger your network, the bigger your chances of showing up in search results. So I do recommend that you keep growing your network strategically.

"Completing my LinkedIn profile was such an overwhelming task for me. But following the step-by-step videos I started implementing changes and my perspective changed. I definitely recommend this program, it's a real value for the money. Thanks once again!!" 

Fotini Chasioti
Branding Expert

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet!

I have been referred to as 'The Swiss LinkedIn Expert' and universities (for example Rutgers in New Jersey, EPFL Switzerland), local & global companies & associations hire me to train their students or employees about LinkedIn. I'm also the creative brains behind The LinkedIn Challenge, a yearly event where over 1600 Coaches, Consultants, and other Business Owners learn how to use LinkedIn to generate more business. I live and work in beautiful Switzerland and have helped hundreds of clients from all over the world breathe life into their LinkedIn profiles.

​My business is called ‘Simplicity’: I’m known for my simple and pragmatic style, no fluff. My clients like to work with me because I’m structured, focused, result oriented, ‘the real thing’. They use the word authentic even if all I’m doing is being myself ;-) Get to know my own style, a mix of “no nonsense Swiss efficiency and Californian ‘yes we can’ enthusiasm,” as one of my former clients put it.

My guarantee to you: If you put the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix into action and are not satisfied with the results, I’ll buy it back from you. 


I understand that there are a lot of products out there and not all of them are of great quality and often overpromise and underdeliver.

Here’s my deal: If you use the Quick Fix, implement the changes on your profile, become more active on LinkedIn and are still not satisfied with your results, we will pay you $97 to get the Quick Fix back from you.

Here's the catch (there’s always a catch): I do ask that you do the work & give it some time. To qualify for a refund, you will need to submit a link to your fully optimized LinkedIn Profile & spend at least 3 months being more active on LinkedIn, strategically growing your network.

Because I deliver the entire Profile Fix video series upon purchase, this policy is in place to ensure that people don't download the videos, ask for a refund, and then access the videos for free. (Though I know you won't do that!)

“Sarah is an expert at best-use of LinkedIn and an excellent trainer. Thank you Sarah for pointing me in the right direction.”

- Raymond Matthews

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet!
Only $97

This is for you if...

  • You are a service-based entrepreneur, solopreneur, owner of a small business
  • Your clients are: service providers or employed professionals 

This program is for: Coaches, Consultants, Independent Advisors, Virtual Assistants, Online Business Owners, etc.

For those who work in: Financial Services, Marketing, Real Estate, Design, Events Services, Health Care, Human Resources, IT, Legal Services, Logistics & Supply Chain, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, Training, Translation, Writing & Editing

Let's see, here are so me other thoughts that might cross your mind right now...

"My clients are not on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is just for B2B."

Don't just assume. Ask yourself the following questions about your ideal client:
- is he or she employed?
- is he or she running his/her own business?
- is he or she the decision maker of a bigger company?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then there's a good chance that you will find your client on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is no longer just for job seekers or corporate people!

"What if I have questions after watching the videos?"

I've got you covered. I've recently added a special bonus for all Quick Fix customers: a private LinkedIn Group where you get exclusive access to me to support you in creating a LinkedIn Profile everyone will talk about!

"My profile looks good already... but I'm not getting any leads. How will this change?"

99% of profiles I see look like boring resumes. Your profile needs to talk to the customer, not to a recruiter. Once you optimize your profile (for search & approachability) you will start getting messages that start with 'I liked what I saw on your profile. Can we meet?'

"I'm more of a Facebook person"

If your clients are Facebook people too, then that might just work well for you. But what if they aren't? What if they don't even have a Facebook account? If you are a Coach, Consultant, Virtual Assistant or other Service Provider who works with professionals (employed or self-employed) you need to be on LinkedIn !

"I don't think I'm skilled enough to put the branding concepts you share with me into words  ."
Just because it's a professional platform you don't need to worry about not sounding fancy enough. If you have an 'About Page' on your website, then you have the skills to turn your LinkedIn Profile into a client magnet. 

After completing the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix, you will have:

  • A profile that resembles a mini-website, with attractive visuals that lead traffic to your main website
  • An impressive representation of your brand
  • A marketing tool that will convert visitors into paying clients because they will want to contact you
  • Guaranteed more profile views because people find you in their searches
  • More connection requests & requests to meet offline
  • More & better clients because they get what you do & reach out to you
  • More money & therefore more freedom!

"I am really enjoying The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix and finding great value in it! My target market IS on LinkedIn, so I really want my profile to be at its best. Thank you for providing so much value for such a reasonable cost!!" 

Terry L. Green
BizEase Support Solutions

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a Client Magnet!

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