Marketing Your Business to Support + Serve

Marketing Your Business to Support + Serve

Traditionally, we think of sales as something you DO to someone. So, how do you show up and market your business as an introvert—when the idea of pushing your service on prospects is wildly uncomfortable? Mariana Ruiz leverages her experience in brain science to take a clinical approach and reframe the interaction as a question: How can I support and serve this person? She believes that when you don’t take sales personally, you can come at it from a loving place that honors prospective clients.

Mariana is the founder of the Impact-Driven Entrepreneur, a consulting firm dedicated to helping seasoned coaches and consultants scale their businesses with profitable group coaching programs. She leverages her background in the medical field in combination with 12 years of experience in marketing, sales and business to support entrepreneurs in marketing to attract ideal clients and convert followers into clients through service-based sales. Mariana’s work has appeared in the Huffington Post, and The Millionaire Insider Extravaganza, among many other platforms and publications, and she is the host of The Impact-Driven Entrepreneur Podcast.

Today, Mariana shares the life event that compelled her to go all-in on her side business. She discusses the AHA moment that inspired her shift to group coaching as well as the daily journal practice that supports her commitment to mindset work. Mariana also describes how persistence helps her stay relevant as an introvert in an increasingly loud online space and why she continues to struggle with energy management. Listen in for Mariana’s insight into the connection between respecting your intuition and marketing with integrity—and learn how understanding the psychology of sales can help you develop an introverted approach to marketing that honors your prospective clients.

In this episode you’ll learn about Marketing Your Business to Support + Serve as well as…

  • The life event that made Mariana go all-in on her coaching business.
  • How Mariana’s passion for brain science helped her navigate sales.
  • Mariana’s unique, clinical approach to marketing her business.
  • Mariana’s ethical responsibility to help the people who come to her.
  • How persistence helps Mariana stay relevant in the online space.
  • Mariana’s challenge around setting boundaries and managing energy.
  • The AHA moment that inspired Mariana’s shift to group coaching.
  • How Mariana’s daily journal practice supports her mindset work.
  • How Mariana uses Asana to measure progress and manage her team.
  • How Walsch’s Conversations with God trilogy changed Mariana’s life.
  • Why honoring your intuition is key to marketing with integrity.
  • Mariana’s reminder to appreciate the day-to-day gifts of life + family.

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