Transform your LinkedIn Profile
into a Dream Job Magnet !

Sarah Santacroce LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix

There are 3 reasons you're missing out on your dream job :


94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates


80% - 85% of all job openings are unlisted!


Your LinkedIn Profile is the first impression recruiters or hiring managers get from you

However, there's something you need to know...

You CAN Get Your Dream Job !

but you need a persuasive &
search-optimized LinkedIn Profile

What is it worth to you to get your next interview thanks to LinkedIn?

Here are the options that are available to you:

  1. Keep ignoring LinkedIn & let your competition get the interview calls instead
  2. Figure it out on your own & spend endless hours on the internet trying to gather bits and pieces here and there (experts never share everything in one place for free!)
  3. Hire me or another LinkedIn Expert to write your LinkedIn Profile for you (we’re talking $1500 and up)
  4. Pay LinkedIn $30 per month for a Premium Account & keep believing that LinkedIn will find you a job.

… or you can follow my easy step-by-step tutorials and have an optimized LinkedIn Profile that gets your profile noticed!

With the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix, you can turn your profile into a dream job magnet.

I created the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix, a short but insanely effective step-by-step video training to improve your profile because helping people is what I enjoy most in business. And I knew that so many job seekers were frustrated and not getting any traction on LinkedIn. And it had nothing to do with them, just with the way they presented themselves on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix gives you my entire profile review formula.
This process is the foundation of my business and I use it every day when I work with clients one-on-one. 

What you might be thinking right now... 

"I could do this myself"

Most people actually think they have a decent LinkedIn profile. But they don't. They have simply copy pasted their paper CV. But by doing that you look like every other Joe Smoe. You need a profile that sells you, makes you stand out & gets noticed by recruiters! You can create your Facebook page on your own, but this is different.

Also, most information you find online about LinkedIn Profiles tells you what to do.

The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix shows you HOW to do it. LinkedIn is not exactly user friendly you see. You might know that you should keyword optimize your profile, but do you know HOW to do it? This program shows you how.

Here's what's included:

Online Video Training

Step-by-step video tutorials to help you update your profile

Access for life

Forever access so you can
go at your own pace

LinkedIn Profile Template

A handy template to print & refer to when applying the quick fix

Sarah Santacroce has done it again. A series of short, man ageable videos that help you create an all star profile. The seven videos are between five and ten minutes long and take you through each section of your LinkedIn profile in a way that is clear and easy to follow. Perfect if you want to gear up your profile at a pace that suits you - five minutes a day or all in one go.

Peter Meurling
Senior Advisor

7 short, step-by-step, watch-over my shoulder video tutorials on: 

Video 1: Your Photo & Headline

  • The headline is the most common mistake made on LinkedIn.
  • Why you should not put your job title in the headline of your profile and what keywords to put instead.
  • What your photo says about you and what types of photos to NEVER use.
  • This is THE most important real estate on LinkedIn.
  • If you get this one thing right, you increase your chances of getting your dream job by 200%.

Video 2: Your Contact Info

  • Learn how to customize your public profile link (& why you should)
  • Find out where to enter your contact info (there's more than one place) sot that you get contacted by hiring managers

Video 3: Your Summary

  • Be ready for a big aha-moment in this one. I’ll teach you what needs to go into this section so recruiters & hiring managers want to immediately get in touch with you.
  • The place you convince the recruiter that you have the solution to their problem (in other words that you are the ideal candidate for the position they need to fill).

Video 4: Your Experience Section

  • Format all of your professional experiences to appeal to hiring managers and to make your experiences relevant to their needs.
LinkedIn Quick Fix Box
LinkedIn Quick Fix Box

Video 5: Skills, Endorsements & Recommendations

  • How to optimize the skills section so you show up in all the recruiters relevant search results
  • Why recommendations and endorsements from other people are key to successful job search
  • The difference between endorsements and recommendations, and how to get them

Video 6: Accomplishments

  • What to add and what not to add
  • How to use projects to highlight specific achievements

Video 7: Job Preference Settings

  • Another important section for your job search: let the recruiters know that you're available and what it is you're looking for

You get access to the entire LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix video training at once.


  • This is a handy template that will allow you to quickly update and fix up your profile without having to wonder what goes where.
  • Have the information in an easy to implement worksheet to put everything you learned in this program into immediate use.
  • Use this cheatsheet to track your progress as you work through the video tutorials.


This really is a Quick Fix. 

You’ll get 7 videos to implement over 7 days (though you can do them all at once if you’d like)!

With just 30 minutes of work per day, you’ll be able to implement the entire LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix.

Don’t have time this week? That’s ok, too. You have lifetime access to the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix and get all of the videos at once, so you can do the program at whatever pace you’d like.


If your LinkedIn Profile is 100% complete you will receive 4 x more job opportunities than others


All recruiters use Boolean searches (combination of keywords and Boolean commands) to find candidates on LinkedIn


30% of all Google searches are employment related 

There are some misconceptions about LinkedIn & finding a job with it. Here are some things I want you to know before you purchase the LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix for Job Seekers:

  1. An ‘All Star’ profile does not mean that your profile is ‘recruiter friendly’. LinkedIn cannot measure that. It definitely is a MUST to have a completed profile, but just completing it won’t get you the job. You need to optimize it for recruiters. This program teaches you how.
  2. Paying the Premium Job Seeker account does not mean that LinkedIn will find you a job. I wish this was true… But it isn’t. While the premium for job seekers will get you highlighted at the the top of the recruiters search results, you need to a) first make it into the list of search results and b) make the recruiter want to click on your profile and read more. Only an optimized profile does that.
  3. LinkedIn's search results depend on the relevancy of the searcher. Well, guess what happens if you have a small network? You will show up in a small amount of searches. The bigger your network, the bigger your chances of showing up in search results. So I do recommend that you keep growing your network strategically.


99% of all LinkedIn Profiles are NOT optimized


94% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting


A recruiter will decide in 10 seconds if he should click out or read on

It’s been a while I wanted to professionalize my LinkedIn profile and I never really had the courage to do so. The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix just gave me the necessary energy to get started. The simple, easy understandable steps from an expert helped me to do my profile just the way I wanted and to keep up with my motivation until the end. Thank you very much, Sarah!

Andrea Lemay
Trainer & Consultant, Psychologist FSP

My guarantee to you:


I understand that there's a lot of products out there and not all of them are of great quality and often overpromise and underdeliver.

Here’s my deal: If you use the Quick Fix, implement the changes on your profile, become more active on LinkedIn and are still not satisfied with your results, I will pay you $197 to get the Quick Fix back from you.

Here's the catch (there’s always a catch): I do ask that you do the work & give it some time. To qualify for a refund, you will need to submit a link to your fully optimized LinkedIn Profile and spend at least 3 months being more active on LinkedIn, strategically growing your network.

Because I deliver the entire Profile Fix video series upon purchase, this policy is in place to ensure that people don't download the videos, ask for a refund, and then access the videos for free. (Though I know you won't do that!)

This is for you if...

  • You are still employed but  actively looking for a new challenge
  • You are unemployed and also actively looking
  • You are successful in your job but are aware that Personal Branding is essential nowadays and therefore want a LinkedIn Profile that represents your brand

Some of the industries are past clients were from: Financial Services, Marketing, Real Estate, Design, Computer, Events Services, Health Care, Human Resources, IT, Legal Services, Logistics & Supply Chain, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, Training, Translation, Writing & Editing

What you might be thinking right now 

"My profile looks good already... but I've never heard from a recruiter"

99% of profiles I see are not keyword optimized and don't talk to the client (the recruiter or hiring manager). Once you optimize your profile (for search & approachability) you will start getting messages that start with 'I have an opportunity you might be interested in...'

"What if I have questions after watching the videos?"

I've got you covered. I've recently added a special bonus for all Quick Fix customers: a private LinkedIn Group where you get exclusive access to me to support you in creating a profile that gets the recruiters attention. 

"I don't think I'm skilled enough to put the branding concepts you share with me into words."

If you have written your own CV (resume) then you have the skills to turn your LinkedIn Profile into a dream job magnet.

After completing the LinkedIn Profile
Quick Fix you’ll have:

  • a keyword optimized, powerful career tool
  • a representation of your personal brand & expertise
  • a strategic summary of your past achievements & future goals
  • guaranteed more profile views because recruiters & hiring managers find you in their searches
  • more connection requests
  • more phone calls & invitations to interviews
  • your next dream job?!

Frequently Asked Questions

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My industry is not listed above. Will this work for me?

Can you guarantee me 10 interviews?

I don't have time to watch hours of video content...

Is this a very technical training?

Why is it priced so low?

Ok, I'm ready...


Yes... I want a LinkedIn Profile that gets me found by recruiters & hiring managers !
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