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The LinkedIn Challenge

Starting Nov 10th our team of world-leading LinkedIn & Online Presence Experts show you how to improve your Online Presence Position Yourself as an Expert & Get More Clients on LinkedIn 

The LinkedIn Challenge - November 2017

"I've been using LinkedIn for years but it hasn't done anything for me"

Is this you?

Sign up for our 10 Day LinkedIn Challenge and you won't be able to say that anymore !

During our challenge you will take action to make LinkedIn work for you by

  • spending just 10 minutes a day putting our strategies into practice (because they work)
  • grow your network (by following our advice)
  • find other ways of making yourself more visible on LinkedIn (we'll show you how)

How does this Challenge work?

It's easy to be part of the LinkedIn Challenge...

Simply register on this page for only $37! The reason we ask for a financial contribution is because we are looking for people who are serious and motivated and are ready to invest in their business.

Participate in 2 live training calls with

The Kick-off training is on Friday, November 10th, 9am ET, with tons of encouragement and strategies to make the most out of this challenge. If you can't assist live you get the recordings, of course!

The Wrap-up training is on Tuesday, November 21st, 9am ET with the participation of the whole expert team so make sure you come with questions

Get a Daily LinkedIn / Online Presence Strategy

Each day, for 10 days, you receive a simple but highly effective LinkedIn strategy via e-mail, from a hand-picked team of people who are all experts of either the LinkedIn Platform or Online Presence in one way or another (see list below)

Get Accountability via our private LinkedIn Group

During the 10 days you'll have access to our private LinkedIn Group where you can ask questions, get feedback on profiles, encouragement from others etc.

Who is this Challenge for?

This challenge is for anyone wishing to learn more about the LinkedIn platform and, more specifically for entrepreneurs or small business owners

The LinkedIn Challenge

Why should you join?

  • Because you have neglected LinkedIn up till now, not giving it the credit it deserves.
  • Because you can see potential in this platform but don't know how to go about it.
  • Because, right now your profile is boring and you're only collecting contacts. We want you turn those contacts into paying customers.
  • Because your potential clients, customers & joint venture partners are on LinkedIn and you'd like to be more visible.
  • Because LinkedIn is a business platform, and you want more business, right?
  • Because this is the 11th edition of the LinkedIn Challenge and so far more than 1800 people have benefited from this event. You owe it to yourself !

Your investment

  • for two live training calls (or the recordings)
  • for all 10 simple but highly-effective strategies that you can implement immediately to make LinkedIn more profitable to you
  • access to the private LinkedIn group
  • answers to all your questions 
  • all the new contacts
  • all the other resources (videos, articles etc)

is only $37!
The only reason I ask for a financial contribution is because I'm looking for people who are serious and motivated and are ready to invest in their business.

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The list of experts

Greg Cooper, Front of Mind Coaching, United Kingdom

Jo Saunders, WildfireSocialMarketing, Australia

Deborah Krier, StorySelling4Biz, United States

Christophe Senehi, HeadshotPro, Switzerland

Victoria Ipri

Victoria Ipri, United States

Paul Copcutt, Paul Copcutt Unlimited, Canada

Krishna De, Biz Growth Media, Ireland

and myself, your host

Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce, LinkedIn Specialist & Online Presence Mentor, ‘Your Swiss Host’

Sorry you missed it! Come back next year!


I still have questions...

What about my information? Your information is secure with us. It will only be added to a list owned by Sarah Santacroce and will not be shared with anyone else.

One e-mail per day seems a lot.  This method has proved to be succesful for us but you can unsubscribe from the daily email anytime you wish.

Will I be able to get a refund? No, the investment is non-refundable. 

Yes, I want to learn how to use  LINKEDIN!

By paying for my participation, I agree to be added to a mailing list so that I can receive all 10 tips in my inbox. I can unsubscribe any time!

The LinkedIn Challenge - June 2014


Jo Saunders, LinkedIn Trainer, member of the last years expert team

 'Sarah is a leader in her field and a fellow LinkedIn expert I am proud to collaborate with. She is generous with sharing her expertise and a source of knowledge, and marketing expertise is worth tapping into through her products and services. Sarah is Switzerland's number one LinkedIn expert whom I am proud to call a colleague and friend. '

Patrick O'Byrne, past participant

Sarah has a very good knowledge of LinkedIn, and works to spread this to interested parties through the LinkedIn Challenge. I found the tips presented very useful, and Sarah was very friendly and helpful, through the group, her emails, and the Webinars and Google Hangouts she arranged.

Chris King, past participant

We just completed the third LinkedIn Challenge which is led by Sarah Santacroce. Sarah goes above and beyond handling the Tips by her and others. She is clear and knowledgeable. Her approach to training is thorough, enjoyable, and fun!

Greg Cooper

Greg Cooper, LinkedIn Trainer, member of the expert team 

Sarah is one of the most experienced and skilled LinkedIn practitioners I know and my first port of call when I am trying to figure out how to do something on LinkedIn. I'm happy to participate for the 3rd time on the expert team of The LinkedIn Challenge. 

By paying for my participation, I agree to be added to a mailing list so that I can receive all 15 tips in my inbox. I can unsubscribe any time!

The LinkedIn Challenge - June 2014

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Who is Sarah Santacroce?

Sarah has been referred to as 'Switzerland's number 1 LinkedIn Expert' and universites, local & global companies & associations hire her to train their students, employees and sales teams about LinkedIn. She's also the creative brain behind The LinkedIn Challenge, a yearly event where over 1800 Coaches, Consultants, and other Business Owners learn how to use LinkedIn to generate more business. She lives and works in beautiful Switzerland and has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world breathe life into their LinkedIn profiles. This will be the 11th time she organizes the LinkedIn Challenge (3 times in French) which has proven to be a great success with over 1800 participants so far.