Let’s talk about sheep…


Thanks so much for reading The Gentle Marketing Revolution book!
As you know, I played with the sheep analogy in the book. It’s funny how there are different expressions involving sheep…
  • the black sheep
  • count sheep
  • a wolf in sheep’s clothing
  • like sheep
  • make sheet’s eyes at someone

and I might be forgetting some more.

But for us Gentle Marketers, this idea of sheep is all about actually NOT being the sheep. In other words, it’s about not following the herd (oh, there’s another one…), following your own path and daring to be different.

So, if you had fun counting the sheep in the book, I’d love to hear how many you’ve found in the comment section below. And don’t hesitate to leave a message, feedback or constructive comment about The Gentle Marketing Revolution book. Thanks so much!! You’re NOT a sheep (otherwise you wouldn’t be here 😉



P.S. Feel free to right-click on the image below, print it and have fun coloring it!!