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The Gentle Marketing Revolution Book

Lausanne, Switzerland – 12/1/2020 — Sarah Santacroce, Founder, is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to support her mission to bring more empathy & kindness to the business and marketing world.

“Marketing needs a remake. From pushy to gentle,” says founder, Sarah Santacroce.

Marketing has become a dirty word, a source of mistrust and a nightmare for many entrepreneurs.

But what if marketing didn’t have to be pushy, soul stealing, and focused on hustle and hype?  What if there was a way you could connect with clients authentically and in alignment with your values and still make money? What if purpose and profit could coexist in the business world? From LinkedIn consultant and marketing coach Sarah Santacroce comes a groundbreaking approach to marketing with integrity, empathy, and kindness—the Gentle Marketing Revolution.

A blend of practical, real-world marketing applications and personal development , The Gentle Marketing Revolution is the definitive guide to marketing to today’s conscious customer in a new business world.  Structured around three phases of transformation that revolutionize the traditional Ps of marketing, along with thought-provoking questions to guide the way, Santacroce lays out the necessary steps to replace the old way of marketing with a way that is aligned with your values, your story, and your own unique approach—with profound results. 

You are in business to share your gifts with the world. The Gentle Marketing Revolution is the compass you need on your journey!

In this Kickstarter campaign, backers can choose different levels of support and besides the book, get the following rewards:

  • Gentle Business Circle Member: Year-long membership to the Gentle Business Circle
  • Gentle Business Marketer: 45-min Gentle Marketing Coaching with me
  • Gentle Business Revolutionary: featured guest on the Gentle Business Revolution Podcast
  • Gentle Business Maverick: one-on-one coaching sessions with the founder
  • Gentle Business Workshop for your organization

“I believe entrepreneurs are craving a different way to market their business, one that is aligned with THEIR values and worldview” says Sarah Santacroce. “This Kickstarter campaign, to raise $3,000, will help me finalize the book and support a gentle launch in early 2021.”

Anything beyond that amount will help this ‘Hippie turned Business Coach’ to create a community for Gentle Marketers who come together to bring the change we so desperately need in today’s business world.

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