We need more introverted leaders – with Jason Swenk

introverted leaders

Introverts make excellent leaders, but our approach is just a little different. We tend to be quiet leaders who gather feedback from our team first and then share our own thoughts with intention. We lead by listening.

After graduating from Florida State in 1999 with a MIS in business, Jason Swenk went to work for Arthur Anderson. But it only took him six months to realize that the corporate world was not for him, and Jason launched Solar Velocity, a digital agency that developed websites for brands like AT&T, Hitachi and Aflac. Under Jason’s leadership, the company enjoyed 12 years of rapid growth before he sold it in 2012. Now he leads JasonSwenk.com, a unique media company and consultancy that has helped over 20K agencies in 42 countries meet or exceed their business goals.

Today, Jason shares the scope of his new venture, helping digital agency owners grow quickly via the framework he used with Solar Velocity. He discusses his introverted superpowers around focus and implementation as well as his challenge in building relationships. Jason walks us through his evening ritual to eliminate the stress of being unprepared and explains why he shifted his contact page to a Facebook Messenger Bot. Listen in for a list of Jason’s favorite podcasts and vlogs and learn his approach to leadership by listening!

Jason’s favorite quote

“Whatever you view as success is only achieved and maintained by patience and hard work.”

In this episode you’ll learn about introverted leaders as well as…

  • Why Jason quit working in the corporate world after just six months.
  • How Jason came to start a digital agency specializing in web design.
  • Jason’s current focus on helping digital agency owners grow quickly.
  • How Jason expanded beyond consulting to scale his latest business.
  • How Jason leads through listening.
  • Jason’s strengths around focus and implementation.
  • Why Jason finds it challenging to build relationships.
  • Jason’s discovery that many of his speaking colleagues are introverts.
  • How Jason eliminates the stress of being unprepared.
  • Why Jason shifted his contact page to a Facebook Messenger Bot.
  • How Jason continues to learn and grow through podcasts and videos.

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