IBG 65 – Devon Smiley – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Become an Introverted Entrepreneur

Seven years ago, Devon Smiley was sitting in her cubicle, daydreaming of spending a month in Paris when her inner voice said, “But you’re not that type of person.” Today, Devon has gone rogue with her own business as a negotiation consultant and she LIVES in the City of Lights. How did she learn to overcome those limiting beliefs and thrive as an introverted entrepreneur?

Devon serves as a mentor for solopreneurs and professionals who are sick of settling and determined to negotiate for what they deserve. She’s distilled nearly 15 years and $5B of negotiation experience into actionable advice that helps her clients ‘make the ask’ with confidence. Devon has been featured in Glamour magazine and the Chicago Tribune and worked with elite companies like Mars Chocolate and Rolls-Royce. Devon also does pro bono work with nonprofits including UN Women and The Clinton Foundation.

Today, Devon explains how she transitioned from front-line corporate negotiator to her current role in mentoring small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups. She shares her introverted superpower to identify important information and design strategy accordingly. Devon also discusses how she has procrastinated her way out of opportunities over the years and what she is doing to get more comfortable with networking. Listen in as Devon describes the AHA moment when she realized the limits she was placing on herself and learn how she has overcome the negative inner voice that was holding her back!

Devon’s favorite quote

“Today I will do what others won’t…so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Devon’s role in helping entrepreneurs develop negotiation skills.
  • The challenges freelancers face in setting boundaries with clients.
  • How a corporate mentoring role inspired Devon to start her own business.
  • Why Devon prefers a diverse client base that spans several industries.
  • How Devon supports clients in building the confidence to set fair pricing.
  • Devon’s insight on the how introverts tend to approach negotiation.
  • How Devon coaches clients through 4- to 6-month mentorships.
  • Devon’s introverted superpower of identifying important information.
  • How Devon has procrastinated herself out of networking opportunities.
  • Devon’s experience with making connections at non-business events.
  • The AHA moment when Devon realized the limits she was placing on herself.
  • Devon’s scheduling strategy for setting limits and managing your energy.
  • How Devon leverages Shapr for one-on-one networking opportunities.
  • How the book Hilda helped Devon overcome her negative inner voice.

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Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Unleash Your Badassery by Coach Jennie

Coach Jennie

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How Saying ‘No’ Can Help You Grow

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