IBG 52 – Hans Schumann – A Career That Complements Your Natural Flow as an Introvert

‘Coaching is the most beautiful expression of my introverted nature because it is a one-to-one conversation … and one that goes very deep. That’s just really leveraging our natural flow, what we are best at.’

Hans Schumann serves as an Executive Career and Life Coach, helping executives, professionals and business owners maximize their success and create deeper fulfillment in life and business. Hans knows this process well, having made a career transition of his own from full-time commercial contract law to executive coaching. Prompted by a health crisis, Hans chose to pursue his passion for personal growth and retrain as a transformational coach. Three years later, Hans has supported countless professionals in creating and thriving in lives they love. He is also the author of Falling in Love with Your Job: How to Create More Excitement and Fulfillment in Your Career.

Today, Hans shares his story, explaining how coming back from a serious autoimmune disease prompted him to start a coaching practice that makes use of his strengths as an introvert. He offers insight around leveraging your network as a marketing resource and building relationships in relatively safe environments like Business Network International and Toastmasters. Hans discusses his book, describing its aim in helping executives either reengage or explore career alternatives. Listen in for Hans’ advice around choosing the right social platform for your target market, minimizing time spent posting on social media, and crafting a career that makes use of your natural flow!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Hans’ early passion for personal growth.
  • How a serious autoimmune disease prompted Hans’ career shift.
  • Why commercial contract law suits Hans as an introvert.
  • How Hans leverages his BNI network as a marketing resource.
  • Hans’ insight on ‘leaning into your edge’ in a safe environment.
  • How coaching capitalizes on Hans’ strengths as an introvert.
  • How Hans’ book helps executives reengage OR explore career alternatives.
  • Hans’ advice around carefully planning a career transition.
  • The danger in coaching from a place of neediness.
  • Why Hans continues to practice law two days a week.
  • How Hans uses LinkedIn to engage with his target market.
  • The benefits of social scheduling tools like Meet Edgar.
  • How to establish what matters most through The Values Factor.

Hans’ favorite quote

“Look for a career or business that serves as a beautiful expression of your introverted nature; where your introverted nature is a gift, not a barrier.”

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