IBG 47 – Jennifer Corcoran – Tooting Your Own Horn: Self-Promotion for Introverted Entrepreneurs


“[Presenting to large groups] excites me and terrifies me in equal measure, but … it’s worth smashing through your comfort zone.”

Self-promotion can be difficult for introverts, especially those of us who happened to grow up in a culture without Show & Tell. We’ve been taught to be humble, to avoid exaggeration. So how do we learn to take advantage of opportunities to share our talents, grow into a more forward-facing role, and make a significant impact?

Jennifer Corcoran spent 20-plus years helping other people shine as a personal assistant, executive assistant and office manager before back surgery gave her the time and space to reflect—and that’s when My Super Connector was born. Through her business, Jennifer helps professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses increase their online presence, implement a social media strategy, and maximize their credibility and brand integrity. Jennifer has been recognized as CV Magazines’ Social Media Consultant of the Year, WeAreTheCitys’ Rising Star, and ‘Queen of Social Media’ by Eventopedia and Executive Secretary Magazine.

Today, Jennifer shares how she went from social media novice to online branding authority, building a business in the digital space where she feels most comfortable. She walks us through her business model, discussing her surprise in enjoying one-to-one consulting and workshops over strategy audits. Jennifer offers insight around her strengths in writing blog and social posts as well as the challenges she faces in promoting herself to secure new clients. Listen in to understand why Jennifer is pushing herself to take advantage of public speaking opportunities and increase her impact as an introverted entrepreneur!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Jennifer’s comfort in the online space as an introvert.
  • How Jennifer’s training led to confidence in social media and online branding.
  • The challenges around knowing and showing your worth as an introvert.
  • How Jennifer generates revenue via strategy audits, one-to-one meetings and workshops.
  • How Jennifer is pushing herself in the areas of public speaking and video appearances.
  • How to leverage a strength in written communication through blogs and social posts.
  • How Jennifer’s back surgery led her to create My Super Connector.
  • The value of the introverted inclination to show up consistently and connect others.
  • Why Jennifer recommends the Haute Stock image library.
  • What Personal Branding for Brits taught Jennifer about self-promotion on social media.
  • Jennifer’s pride in her personal growth through her first year as an entrepreneur.

Jennifer’s favorite quote

“’We are in the glory days of the introverted entrepreneur. Because of technology, there are so many ways to build a company now, talk to people and make connections in the business world; all without leaving your desk.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

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