IBG 37 – Laura Payne-Stanley – Making the World Work for You as a Curious Introvert

‘Failure is just another chance to get curious.’

Introverts sometimes feel the need to change themselves to fit in, but Laura Payne-Stanley suggests that being true to yourself can open up a brand-new world. In fact, curious introverts can leverage that quality, adapting existing tactics to make the world work for them.

Laura is an NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist who works with quiet entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and creatives to build successful and sustainable empires. Known as ‘The Velvet Hammer,’ she employs a kind but firm approach to holding her clients accountable to achieve their ambitions. Laura has perfected the art of harnessing her introversion to create a thriving business, and she is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs do the same.

Laura became an entrepreneur when both she and her fiancé were sacked—weeks before their wedding. In a honeymoon suite on Key West, Laura made the decision to have control moving forward and create success on her own terms. She started the blog French Wedding Style as a side hustle, and the business grew into a full-time gig with a social media reach of 500K. As fellow entrepreneurs learned about Laura’s background in marketing, they started asking for advice—and Desired Life Mentoring was born. Today she coaches the Introvert Biz Growth audience around the importance of establishing a diverse portfolio, the characteristics that make introverts good entrepreneurs, and strategies to help you hit the ground running every morning. Listen and learn how Laura’s insatiable curiosity has led to her success as an introverted entrepreneur!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why Laura schedules time to recoup after in-person work.
  • How writing under a pseudonym helped her transition into online entrepreneurship.
  • The natural evolution of her coaching business.
  • How NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy work together.
  • How Laura switches from ‘introvert’ to ‘extrovert’ to help grow her business.
  • Why she meets with coaching clients via Skype.
  • The importance of establishing diverse revenue streams to ‘spread the risk.’
  • How Laura leverages her insatiable curiosity as an introverted online entrepreneur.
  • Why being unable to see the person she is speaking to on the phone causes discomfort.
  • How she made the decision to create success on her own terms as an online entrepreneur.
  • The characteristics that make introverts good creative entrepreneurs.
  • The benefits of planning your day the night before.
  • Why Laura only checks email twice a day.
  • How she utilizes IFTTT to save time and stay organized.
  • How embracing your introversion can help you realize a whole new world.

Laura’s favorite quotes

“Believe in your Dreams. They were given to you for a reason. ?”

“You are always one decision away from a totally different life.”

“If you stumble make it part of the dance.”

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