IBG 36 – Dmitry Dragilev – Marketing Yourself as an Introvert

Though it can be difficult for introverts to pitch themselves, today’s guest argues that hiring someone else to talk to your customers just isn’t the same as making that connection yourself. In fact, he has made a business out of teaching entrepreneurs and startups how to gain traffic, exposure and publicity via relationships—with journalists, influencers and bloggers who have access to your audience.

Dmitry Dragilev is a self-proclaimed computer science nerd who worked for a series of ‘boring, huge companies’ before decided that there was more to life than the corporate ladder. In a bold move, he quit his lucrative job and headed to California for graduate school and a shot at learning from the startups in Silicon Valley.

This plan served Dmitry well, as he helped grow a startup from zero to 40 million page views very quickly by way of PR outreach. His savvy in this arena led Dmitry to start his own SaaS, Just Reach Out, in early 2016. Now his software is used by 4,000-plus startups and small businesses as well as big names like Airbnb and HubSpot. He shares his expertise in securing press coverage through the site Criminally Prolific and his coaching program, PR That Converts. Today he discusses his motivation for becoming an introverted entrepreneur, how his drive helped him overcome the fear of rejection, and why talking to customers is difficult to outsource. Listen as he explains that value of living in the moment and his strategies for gaining control of his time and becoming more productive in the process.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • What motivated Dmitry to become an entrepreneur.
  • How immigrating from Russia at the age of 11 reinforced his introversion.
  • Why he considers himself a ‘weird creature.’
  • How envy (and his wife) inspired his move to California.
  • How PR That Converts helps businesses gain traffic, exposure and publicity.
  • How his software company facilitates relationships with journalists, influencers and bloggers.
  • How Dmitry developed the skill of pitching as an introvert.
  • What he learned working for startups in Silicon Valley.
  • How his drive to start his own business helped him overcome the fear of rejection.
  • Why talking to customers is difficult to outsource.
  • The value of meditation in helping you live in the moment.
  • Why Dmitry removed email and social media apps from his phone.
  • How he uses Inbox When Ready to increase productivity.
  • The art of being grateful for what you have.

Dmitry’s favorite quote

“If you knew you were not going to earn any money from whatever you are working on right now would you still do it? “



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