IBG 35 – Reina Pomeroy – Designing an Introvert’s Paradise


There is a preconceived notion that we introverts are shy, but today’s guest isn’t buying it. Instead, she believes that as thoughtful, depth-driven individuals, we simply need a safe space to share our ideas and a gentle nudge to take action.

Though not an introvert herself, Reina Pomeroy, the owner and founder of Reina + Co, considers herself an introverts’ ally. A trained social worker and MBTI expert, she is on a mission to bust the myth that the first person to raise their hand has the best answer. Reina created the Introvert’s Paradise Retreat to offer introverted entrepreneurs an opportunity to thrive in a comfortable environment, designed specifically with intimacy and internal slowness at the center of the experience.

Reina is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and co-host of the Creative Empire Podcast. She seeks to help her clients stop spinning their wheels and take action on what’s most important. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur on Fire, Entrepreneur.com, Brit + Co, The Huffington Post, Honeybrook, The Rising Tide Society and Best Friends for Frosting. Reina is passionate about educating creative entrepreneurs, and today she explains why she loves working with introverts, how her strength as ‘social glue’ helps her connect with others, and why she chooses deliberate over rushed when it comes to the adoption of new systems. Listen to learn how she developed her network and how she stays anchored in the positive!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Reina’s approach to the Introvert’s Paradise Retreat.
  • How she serves as an introvert ally.
  • How she helps creative women take action on their visionary ideas.
  • The preconceived notion that introverts are shy.
  • How Reina’s background in MBTI led to her work with introverts.
  • Why she thinks the best ideas come from introverts.
  • The Reina + Co offerings, from coaching to masterminds to VIP intensive workshops.
  • How her strength as ‘social glue’ helps her connect with others.
  • Why it’s vital for a coach to help clients feel seen.
  • The pressure for online entrepreneurs to move fast and try new things.
  • Why Reina chooses deliberate over rushed.
  • Her realization that she doesn’t have to do everything the experts say.
  • How to avoid decision fatigue.
  • The value of a coach who can provide tailored feedback.
  • How the practice of ‘coffee chats’ helped Reina develop her network.
  • How her ‘grateful heart’ practice anchors her in the positive.
  • The power of the intention to connect.
  • How she uses Kiwi for Gmail to manage multiple email accounts.
  • The benefits of Typeform

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