IBG 34 – James Wasem – Social Media Marketing as an Introvert

Acting as the public face of your company can be intimidating for us introverted entrepreneurs. Add the prospect of speaking to your audience in a live setting and many of us start running in the opposite direction! But social media does afford an incredible opportunity to grow your audience, and we know that it’s good business sense to take advantage of new live streaming technology to connect with clients. Today’s guest is an authority in the world of live streaming – he has designed a live video system for the band Radiohead – and he just happens to be a fellow introvert.

James Wasem’s interest in sound and electricity combined with his love of music and technical gear led to a career in sound engineering and systems integration. He has 20-plus years of experience designing and installing audio systems, mixing live sound for churches and theatres, and performing and touring with bands as a drummer. Though James has a highly technical understanding of sound engineering, his strength lies in making these concepts simple and easy to understand.

James’ current businesses were born from this ability to streamline complex live sound and live streaming processes. He is the Co-Founder and Technical Director of Gigee.me, a live online event service for independent artists and musicians, and the author of several books and video training courses around sound design and live streaming. He is on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs get comfortable with live streaming and employ it as a marketing strategy to jumpstart their businesses. Today he shares his own hesitance to adopt social media marketing strategies, the low-risk ways to get started with live streaming, and his authentic approach to streaming that connects with an audience.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why James resisted the idea of starting his own business.
  • How he developed a product-based business for a very specific niche audience.
  • How his ability to assess a situation and identify problems has proven beneficial.
  • Why playing with teams is an essential skill for introverts.
  • How he finally came to embrace ownership of his brand.
  • Why introverts are hesitant to adopt social media marketing strategies.
  • The potential for meaningful engagement through social media channels.
  • James’ approach to posting on social media without feeling put on the spot.
  • The low-risk ways to get started with live streaming.
  • How to overcome the introverted tendency to overthink when it comes to live streaming.
  • The necessity of a call to action in a live stream.
  • How to remain authentic in a live streaming situation.
  • The importance of defining where live streaming fits within your overall business strategy.
  • How his attention to ebb and flow has helped James be more productive.
  • The internet tools he recommends for introverts to collaborate effectively in teams.
  • How he uses Post Planner to eliminate the stress and anxiety of posting on social media.

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