IBG 32 – Faris Khalifeh – Managing Your Energy as an Introvert

Energy management can be a particular challenge for the introverted entrepreneur, especially those of us who lead trainings and workshops. Yes, it is important to share our message with the world and support fellow introverts in a public setting, but it can certainly take a toll on our energy. Today’s guest implements a daily meditation practice to facilitate energy management, and he is prepared to share how his pursuit for a quiet mind allows him to renew his energy resources.

Faris Khalifeh began his career in the corporate world, doing marketing and business development for a diverse client base, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. But after nine years in the space, Faris was uninspired and looking for a change. In the process of self-reflection, he realized that the vast majority of the books in his private library dealt with personal growth and development, and he made the decision to pursue a coaching certification and make the switch to entrepreneurship.

Now Faris is a Quiet Leadership Coach, and a highly regarded one at that – he was named among the Top Six Life Coaches in Vancouver by Crowd Wellness. He serves on the board of directors for the International Coach Federation, and he leads the Vancouver Quiet Leadership Meetup, the only leadership group dedicated to introverts in British Columbia. Today he shares his passion for connecting people, the pros and cons of having harmony as a strength, and how understanding his introversion changed Faris’ life. Listen and learn how he developed the corporate training component of his business model and how he renews depleted energy resources through meditation.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How Faris became a minimalist.
  • How he discovered his passion for connecting people.
  • How his business supports introverted leaders.
  • His definition of leadership.
  • How he developed the corporate training piece of his business model.
  • The challenge around energy management in conducting corporate training.
  • How empathy and active listening facilitate authentic connections.
  • The pros and cons of ‘harmony’ as a strength.
  • How some companies are helping introverts prepare for interviews and meetings.
  • The AHA moment that led Faris to become a Quiet Leadership Coach.
  • How understanding and then embracing his introversion changed his life.
  • How meditation facilitates energy management.
  • The benefits of journaling and mini-breaks.
  • How he organizes his business and personal life via Trello.
  • His gratitude for opportunities to collaborate.

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