IBG 29 – Sarah Santacroce – Finding Your People as an Introvert

Loneliness is a prominent topic as of late, and it got me thinking about the argument that extroverts tend to be happier than introverts. How important is it for us as introverts to push ourselves to get out in the world and take a class, for example? Yes, we are happy to spend time on our own… But when is it time to go out and find our people?

I’m trying something new on the podcast today with an unscripted episode. Join me as I share my thoughts about the extrovert advantage when it comes to happiness and how we introverts can avoid getting too isolated.

I will also share the details of another opportunity to find your people – at my retreat for introverted entrepreneurs in Sicily next year. Listen and learn how I am self-sponsoring the podcast to avoid promoting underwear!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why extroverts tend to be happier than introverts.
  • Why life seems easier for extroverts.
  • How introverts choose friends.
  • The introvert’s tendency to question and compare.
  • How to avoid loneliness.
  • The significance of ‘finding your people.’
  • Why it’s important to invest time in building long-term relationships.

Other links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Cat Rose Loneliness Podcast

Sarah’s May 2018 Retreat in Sicily

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