IBG 26 – Shayna Oliveira – From Struggling Classroom Teacher to Successful Online Business Owner

Introverts are often attracted to online entrepreneurship because of the freedom it allows you to control when and how you interact with others. Today’s guest has taken this idea to the next level, translating her teaching expertise into a successful online business.

Shayna Oliveira was a struggling English as a Second Language instructor in Brazil. As an introvert, she found days spent in the classroom to be draining, and she was unsatisfied with the low pay and unpredictability of the schedule. Fed up with the fact that her income was dependent on circumstances she couldn’t control, Shayna set out to design an online business that would both generate revenue and allow her to interact with students in a different way. Shayna started blogging and began to build a following, but she still wasn’t sure how to make a living online. That’s when she realized that if students were willing to sign up and pay for courses in advance at the English school where she worked, perhaps she could create a similar virtual model.

Shayna used her classroom experience and feedback from her web community to compose and record courses like Business English and Confusing Words. Her classes are structured so that students communicate via email, and Shayna is at liberty to respond with feedback on her own time. She gets to know her students through the written and recorded assignments, but she has the freedom to evaluate those assignments at her leisure. To date, she has created thirteen online courses and several e-books teaching English as a Second Language. The materials are available through her website EspressoEnglish.net, where more than 100,000 students follow her lessons!

Shayna also shares her business experience via podcast at EntrepreneursInMotion.com, and I met her through this common interest on the She Podcasts Facebook Group. Today she shares invaluable advice about reaching out to others in your niche, launching a product before you’ve created it, and adopting an experimental mindset. Listen and learn how Shayna’s ability to create quality content draws people to her site – and leads to sales.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How Shayna designed online courses with her introversion in mind.
  • How she used her classroom experience and online community to determine course offerings.
  • The advantages of creating community with an email list versus a membership site.
  • Why she limits communication with students to email.
  • How she gets to know her students without one-on-one interaction.
  • Why her courses are ideal for fellow introverts.
  • How generating quality content leads to sales.
  • How reaching out to other online entrepreneurs in your niche can lead to rapid growth.
  • An introverted approach to establishing relationships with colleagues online.
  • The benefits of launching a product before you’ve created it.
  • How an experimental mindset can help you bounce back when something doesn’t work.
  • Why it’s okay to stop hustling once your business is established.

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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less – by Greg McKeown

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