IBG 14 – Andy Mort – It’s Not All About The Money!

BizGrowth Podcast with Andy Mort

Today I’m to talking Andy Mort. Andy was introduced to me by my previous guest, Cat Rose. She suggested him because he also hosts a podcast and so I listened to his show and thought it would make for an interesting conversation.

Andy is a UK-based musician and writer. He makes and performs music as Atlum Schema and is also the founder of SheepDressedLikeWolves.com; a Blog and Podcast dedicated to encouraging introverted and highly sensitive people to embrace their creativity and push against the expectations of an often overwhelming world. Andy is a multipotentialite business owner (he runs an online membership site for introverts/HSPs, and is in the process of launching one for songwriters), and also a part-time undertaker! I’ll make sure to ask him about that one too.

In this episode you’ll learn :

  • How he discovered he was an introvert.
  • How he’s not all about doing things for money. He has to care about what he’s doing beyond a way to make money.
  • About coming up with an ‘upper enough’ income goal (I love that !)
  • How he is grateful to be able to make music, especially with his friends.
  • And how his introversion relates to his side job as an undertaker 😉

3 Golden Nuggets:

  • He’s a morning person and likes to take advantage of the early morning to have a moment with himself where he can write for the blog and podcast and is also now journaling, missing only 9 days this year.
  • Favorite tool: Buffer to schedule social media post which allows him to prepare them when he is most inspired.
  • Book: Essentialism by Greg McEwen and Everything I Know by Paul Jarvis.

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