IBG 10 – Jana Bachollet – Working Alone Works For Me

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Episode 10, with Jana Bachollet

Today I’m speaking to Jana Bachollet, an introverted online entrepreneur who’s based in Geneva, just a half hour drive away from me. However I did not know that as we were introduced by a common connection.

Jana is an online marketing mentor with over 10 years of experience in online marketing. Jana teaches women entrepreneurs how to use online marketing tools without spending a fortune or pulling out their hair so they don’t have to depend on a VA or a programmer to get some things done. She also gets stuff done for you, if you prefer to get some work off of your plate.

In this episode you’ll learn :

  • how she moved from Slovenia to Switzerland 6 years ago and had to build a new network
  • her biggest aha moment which led to her current business venture
  • why she says that being able to work alone (an introvert trait) is both a strength and a weakness
  • what she is most grateful for
  • and much more

The 3 Golden Nuggets:

Other links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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