IBG 09 – Alen Mayer – Selling for Introverts

Episode 09, with Alen Mayer

Today I’m talking with Alen Mayer, a Sales Expert and founder of SellingForIntroverts.com. I’m really looking forward to talking to him as I know that selling is such a key topic and one that many introverts, me included, are struggling with.

Alen Mayer, aka the Chief Sales Introvert, is the President and CEO of North American Sales Training Corp., a global sales training and consulting company. He lives, eats and breathes sales and combines over 22 years of experience in international sales and business development with a rational no-nonsense practical approach to selling. Alen is one of the most influential people in sales today; for his contribution to the sales industry, he was voted #2 on the list of Top 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management; he was also voted as one of the Top 25 Sales Influencers.

He is the published author of 7 sales titles including “Introverts in Business” and “Selling For Introverts” which was recently translated to German and Italian language. Visit his blog www.alenmayer.com that was voted among top 25 sales blogs in the world.

In this episode you’ll learn :

  • his biggest challenge when he first started in sales
  • how American business favors extroverts whereas Europe is more introverted, though there is a shift slowly happening
  • there is a different approach than the usual outgoing sales conversation and introverts are skilled at building relationships
  • how he launched sellingforintroverts.com, a community where you can stay true to who you are
    as an introvert and still be successful
  • how understanding how to approach the customer is what’s most important in the sales conversation
  • and much more

Episode 09, with Alen Mayer

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