IBG 07 – Michelle Pizer – Virtual Summits to Grow Your Online Business

Episode 07, with Michelle Pizer

Today I’m talking with Michelle Pizer , my first Australian guest. Michelle and I met a few months back when she invited me to be one of her guests on the Cracking the Dream Team Code summit where I shared with the audience how to use LinkedIn to hire your dream team. I’m excited to have her on the other side of the microphone today.

Leaders hire Dr Michelle Pizer because they know that business is personal. It’s about relationships and emotions and she helps you use them to your advantage. Michelle’s practice grew out of a career she started at 14, working in the rag trade and on the factory floor. She was quickly promoted to sewing seams. It was too soon. She found it tedious and shamefully offended her co-workers by asking them how they could stand such a boring job! Fired after only half a day, she learned early on about dignity and respect in the workplace. And that there is an art to being bossy. From this valuable life lesson Michelle was inspired to work with people to make sure that their work lives and upward transitions are without unhappiness, wear and tears. Michelle is an executive coach, and an organisational and counselling psychologist. She is the owner and founder of www.michellepizer.com.au. She is a published author and received her PhD from RMIT University, winning a number of awards for her work. Michelle has been featured in Fairfax Media, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Executive Style and Channel 9.

In this episode you’ll learn :

  • how Michelle thought she could ‘hide’ when creating an online business and what the reality then really looked like
  • how she took her local counseling practice into the online world
  • the struggles she had to overcome when launching her first virtual summit (I’m sure all introverts can relate…)
  • how these virtual summits generate income for her
  • her secret super power that helps her manage her energy
  • and much more


Michelle’s favorite quote:

Quiet leadership is not an oxymoron – Susan Cain

Grab the 3 Golden Nuggets

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