IBG 06 – Cat Rose – Are the majority of creatives introverts?

Episode 06, with Cat Rose

In this episode I’m pleased to introduce Cat Rose. Cat has reached out to me last year about publishing a guest blog on my LinkedIn business website. She wrote a wonderful post about upping her game on LinkedIn. And in May, while talking to my friend Ashley Faulkes her name came up again. Ashley told me that she had recently launched a business also related to introverts. So I just had to talk to her ! Long story short, she’s here with me today and we talk about introversion & creatives.

After trying (and failing) to ‘get discovered’ online as an illustrator, I educated myself on marketing and social media. I also used what I’d learnt about design and branding from my years at a design agency and finally things started to click. Now my mission is to share this discovery with other creatives who don’t find marketing comes naturally to them and who shy away from the business end of things.

Cat’s Favorite Quote:

Actually, you can.


In this episode you’ll learn :

  • how Cat’s introverted energy is related to her creative mind
  • how Cat helps creative introverts be more comfortable with showing off their work
  • about Cat’s bookclub (because most introverts are bookworms, right?)
  • how she generates some passive income with the sale of pet portraits
  • about her introverted super powers and how she discovered a strenght that she thought was natural but then found out that some people are better at it than others
  • what she struggles with (and you’ll find out that she’s not the only introvert struggling with that 🙂
  • about storytelling (and how we sometimes make up our own stories)

Grab the 3 Golden Nuggets

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