How to use Storytelling in your Marketing with Dominic de Souza

How to use Storytelling in your Marketing

As human beings, we hunger for stories. And yet, most of us are slow to adopt storytelling as a brand strategy. We’ve gotten stuck in the last century of marketing tradition, pushing people to buy what we’re selling with broadcasting. So, how do we learn to create connection with story? To invite customers to see the world the way we do? To build a community around our vision?

Dominic de Souza is the creator of Dream Again Marketing, an advertising firm dedicated to helping public speakers grow a tribe, share their message and change the world. Dominic’s path of discovery began at 13 when he wrote his first novel and learned that he could accomplish absolutely anything. He has 14 years of experience in graphic design and a 20-year background in copywriting and storytelling. Dominic started Dream Again to support consultants and speakers in leveraging their stories to spellbind audiences and bring a vision to life.

In today’s episode, Dominic discusses the growing importance of story in marketing, explaining how social media affords us the opportunity to respond to ads and how storytelling invites us to buy into a community—not just buy a product. He shares the strategy he used to develop his own brand narrative and describes why values are an integral part of storytelling. Listen in for Dominic’s insight around creating connection with an audience and learn to externalize your own stories and lean into the ones that support your vision!

 In this episode you’ll learn about how to use Storytelling in your Marketing as well as…

  • Dominic’s harrowing story of nearly being crushed by a cow.
  • The difference between left and right brain communication.
  • How social media gives us the ability to respond to marketing.
  • How stories invite us to accept a worldview or attitude.
  • The strategy Dominic used to develop his brand story.
  • How stories function as ‘little engines of belief.’
  • The enduring nature of stories that transmit meaning.
  • How we enter into an experience with storytellers.
  • The opportunity for intimacy in telling stories through video.
  • Why the best communicators are also the best storytellers.
  • The value in externalizing and organizing your own stories.

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